Delhi High Court Stays the Appointment of Ad-hoc Committee for Equestrian Federation of India

Equestrian Federation Of India

In a significant development for the Equestrian Federation of India (EFI), the Divisional Bench of the Delhi High Court recently stayed the appointment of the Ad-hoc Administrative Committee (AAC) and restored control to the Executive Committee elected in 2019.

Relief for Equestrian Federation of India

The Delhi High Court, while hearing a plea by the Rajasthan Equestrian Association, had earlier ordered the appointment of an ad-hoc panel headed by Justice (Retd) Nazmi Wajiri to manage EFI’s routine work. The EFI challenged this decision, filing a Letter Patent Appeal (LPA) against the order of the single bench.

The court’s decision to stay the appointment of the AAC is a massive relief for the EFI. The existing Executive Committee will continue to run the affairs of the sports body. This means the 20-member Executive Committee that came into existence after the 2019 elections will be back in control.

Equestrian Federation of India finds legal options to avoid the financial burden with the recent court order

The EFI officials expressed their relief and gratitude following the court’s decision. “We had faith in the judiciary. We thank the court for hearing our concerns and delivering justice in this case,” said Col Jaiveer Singh, EFI secretary general. He further added, “We have done nothing wrong. The allegations of impropriety were baseless. We have always worked for the betterment of sport and our athletes and will continue to do so.”

This development comes at a crucial time for the EFI, as it is an Olympic year and the focus is on providing the best possible support to the athletes. The EFI’s commitment to the sport and its athletes remains unwavering, and this decision allows them to continue their work without the disruption of an ad-hoc committee.

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