Dara Singh on Season 2 preparations: ‘I am eager to destroy everyone’

dara singh handa

Rohtak Rowdies star player Dara Singh had a unforgettable first season in the Pro Panja League. Hailing from Nagpur, Dara is one of the top armwrestlers in the country, having won a gold medal at the Nationals last year.

Dara Singh run in season 1 was phenomenal. Ahead of the second season, the Sports India Show had the opportunity to chat with Dara Singh to learn about his plan for season 2 and also about his preparations.

Exclusive Interview with Dara Singh

1) How is your training going?

Okay training for me is more of enjoyment like honestly I can’t relate to the guys who say that you know they are grinding hard in the gym and going through pains and aches to achieve stuff and everything. Honestly training is more like having fun to me, it’s like I’m chilling with a group of friends having fun enjoying each and every moment. So you are in pain grinding, having a hard time there and I’m having fun here. We are different bro.

2) How is your preparation for Season 2?

In my opinion the preparation never stops, it’s like you are building growing or you are breaking down and getting worse. It doesn’t stop and my preparation started when Season 1 ended. I was already prepared on what all I had to work on. I’ve I’ve traveled to Dubai, I’ve practiced with top guys like Mazahir, Asker Ali. I’ve had multiple trips to Delhi to practice with Sanjay Deswal’s group. It’s fun and I’m doing it each and every day, I’m building, I’m getting better and I’m going to be at my best.

3) What will your strategy be for Season 2?

The strategy for Season 2 is domination; straight out domination. We can’t wait like last season for the last few matches to decide a sport. In fact, we got unlucky with some injuries and players getting injured. So this season, out and out domination from start, we’ll just keep scoring, getting higher on the table so that by the end we are through the semis and resting and I’m getting ready to kill it in the finals.

4) How was your experience in Season 1?

It was way too good. Like I was high 24*7…… high on arm wrestling. I can’t tell you how good it was, like I cannot wait for season 2 to start. Like I’m eagerly waiting and the experience was way too good. It was like I was floating and sailing on something like Aladdin’s magic carpet. I was in clouds sailing over oceans. A different feeling altogether and I am eager to feel it again. I’m eager to destroy everyone.

5) What was your most memorable moment from Season 1?

Okay this is going to be a deep one……intensive. It was semi finals. You know give me a big lesson in life and the lesson is that you can be right, you can be doing things rightly, you can be on the right part doing everything correctly but at times life wants something different for you and that’s what happened like as per me…….we were the clear cut winner but our destiny wanted something else and I’m completely in agreement with the destiny. I know what it wants from me…..it wants me to get stronger and win decisively so that there’s no question left and I’m working on it.

6) What can you expect from you in season 2?

I’m more of a happy go lucky guy, I enjoy every moment…..like competitions for me is enjoyment. I cannot relate to people who are yelling, shouting, fighting on stage always. I go there to have more fun…..but Season 1 semis taught me that it’s not always best to have fun on table. You have to turn tables sometimes and give people taste of a different medicine right…..maybe….maybe not maybe I’ll be the sweet guy again or maybe you are going to see a different person……who knows….if the situation demands maybe hmm…..