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Dafabet Download App (APK) Casino & Sports

Dafabet is the biggest bookmaking provider in India and amongst the biggest in Asia as a whole. You can start betting from their official website or through one of the several apps they have. In this article, we will talk about them.

Physically, the Dafabet app is operating off of the Philippines. Although the app is extremely popular in India, installing it in India might be troublesome. This country is very strict about gambling, although this ban isn’t enforced equally in all states, and it’s easy to bypass it if you really want the app.

They are pretty convenient as a worldwide betting application, although it’s known primarily for several things:

  • The ability to bet on most global sports, including some India-specific, such as cricket;
  • An abundance of betting types, including sports, computer games, arcades, casinos, and more;
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

As a consequence, the Dafabet sports app developed a very strong community, even though joining them can be problematic for some people. So, how do you join them?

Android downloading

Getting their app on Android is easy, except for joining their community. For that, you actually have to enter their official website.

First of all, there are four distinct apps for betting on:

  • Casino
  • Poker
  • Dafasports
  • OW sports

Some can be found on Google Play, although the store bans them for some countries. The surer way to download one of them is by accessing the official Dafa website on your phone.

Android installation

You should download Dafabet mobile version, and right on the front page, you’ll see a few betting categories, such as the ones listed above. Click on one of them, and you’ll automatically get an APK file. Download it and proceed to install the app.

The phone’s security measures may prevent the installation process. If it happens, you’ll have to set your phone to accept data from any sources in ‘settings’ -> ‘security’ -> ‘files’.

IOS installation

It might seem impossible to install Daffa betting app onto your iPhone or iPad, but some iOS systems support APK files, or at least these application files. To do it, you should have one of the two versions:

  • iOS 13
  • iOS 14

If you have such a device, go to dafabet site and install any of the apps just as you would for Android.

Dafa Mobile

Many users prefer to use the services of this bookmaker through a Dafabet android app because it’s easy enough, can be done in a few clicks and you also get notifications whenever something thrilling happens in the betting world.

However, some people use a mobile browser version for many reasons. They typically don’t trust third-party files or simply can’t download them. The mobile version is a perfectly fine way of betting on stuff. You’ll just have to go to their official website on a phone or tablet.

How are mobile and app versions different?

The key difference is that on mobile you get to bet on everything Dafa has to offer. On Dafa betting app, however, you can only work with whatever betting target you chose. On the Sports app, for instance, you’ll be able to manage your funds and make wagers on sports events, including cricket, soccer, tennis, and many more.

On mobile, there are several categories you can choose – some don’t even have their own distinct applications. Each category has its own wallet, and you can transfer money from one wallet to another, thus managing your winnings and keeping track of which wagering type earned you the most.

It may be a bit clunky in certain situations, but it is well worth it if you intend to use your Dafabet sports app to bet on more than one category.

Android requirements

Their Android app has been up for some time now, so, theoretically, most recent Android versions can support these files. However, the most recent 9, 10 and 11 systems are least prone to glitches, lagging, freezing, and other undesired events that may cost you a fortune if they happen at the wrong time.

You don’t really need anything out-of-ordinary to be able to run a Dafabet app for Android on your trusty phone. There is also no evidence that some phone models might not support them.

However, you should remember that gambling programs are banned in some countries of the world, like India or Russia. What’s more, a lot of the phones deem these as malware or suspicious applications.

If your phone warns you about the possible danger and you trust this bookmaker enough, you’ll be able to allow downloading by tinkering with settings. The same goes for the Dafabet app for iPhone.

India’s ban on gambling obviously affects the accessibility of this provider on Google Play, which means you won’t be able to install any of their software without having to go to their official website. There are, however, ways to overcome these obstacles, which are listed below.

IOS requirements

To install a Dafabet iOS app on Apple hardware, you need either iOS 13 or 14. Practically, it means iPhone 6 or newer or any iPad. That means you can basically download one of these apps on any relevant Apple phone or tablet.

The newer ones are obviously less prone to glitches, although the Android versions are even less threatened by such issues.

There are still accessibility problems surrounding the Dafabet app iOS. Just like Google Play, App Store doesn’t allow bookmaker’s software in some countries, including India. You can switch your geodata to other countries if your phone can do that. If not, you’ll have to download VPN and ‘move’ to any country that allows gambling programs (such as the USA).

There are no other special requirements needed to download a Dafabet betting app on Apple devices.

Cricket wagering on mobile

Of course, perhaps the first thing you’ll want to do once on this website is to wager on cricket games. This choice is supported by most betters here, which makes cricket the most visited betting position on this platform.

You need an account and money first, of course. The instructions for that are further below. For now, let’s assume you have made a correct deposit and want to wager a game.

  • Use the link to Dafabet mobile;
  • Proceed to the front page;
  • Select Dafasports or OW Sports from the list of categories;
  • In the sports selection menu, choose ‘cricket’ – it’s supposed to be the first from the left;
  • Choose a match you want to wager on, pick a side and the wager size. The matches are shown in a form of a ticket, and you’ll be given the chances as well as other information surrounding the match.

All information is compiled by the bookmaker’s own specialists. There are virtually all matches from all worthwhile leagues, including IPL, PSL, ESB, and many others.

Logging into the app

Logging into the app Dafabet is simple. The harder part (slightly) is to set up an account first.

Basically, you’ll have to make up a username, password, enter an existing e-mail, a contact number as well as pick a currency you’ll be using (INR is a standard option).

Your account will be set up after that. You’ll get your own Dafabet app login and be able to join the wagering. In fact, it’s better to set it up before you start fiddling with an app.

App’s depositing process

Unlike on mobile, where you have to understand the finicky system behind account funding, the apps are very straightforward. There’s only one type of wallet, and you can just deposit money into it or withdraw them. You can deposit money almost instantly once the bookmaker has verified you.

There are several ways of depositing money both on Dafabet iOS and Android, including:

  • Bank transfer
  • Visa transfer
  • FastPay
  • Several electronic wallets.

The process is usually complete in a manner of minutes, both for Dafabet for iOS and Android.


Although there are certain restrictions on their line of work, the provider is still widely available and simple to use throughout the world. You can download their app to virtually any mobile device given it has any bootable OS and access to the internet. That’s one of the treasured upsides of this bookmaker.