CWG Gold Medalist Akhil Kumar counsels the athletes to fight against drug abuse

Akhil Kumar

Akhil Kumar, a former Commonwealth Games gold-winning boxer and now an Assistant Commissioner in Jhajjar Police, has taken on a new fight against the menace of drug abuse. The 43-year-old, who won the CWG gold in 2006 and reached the quarterfinals of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, recently interacted with over 100 athletes, including boxers, at Jhajjar’s Jawaharlal Bagh Stadium.

Akhil Kumar advice athletes to get routine medical check-ups

As an athlete and National Anti-Doping Agency panellist, Akhil understands the threat of drug abuse in sports. He offered the athletes basic advice on how to steer clear of this menace. He emphasized the importance of informing doctors of their athlete status during routine medical check-ups to avoid being prescribed any banned substances.

Akhil highlighted the devastating effects of drug addiction, stating, “The youth trapped in drugs are not only ruining their careers. Rather, they are also dashing the expectations of the parents. Drunkenness has not benefited anyone, it only leads to downfall.” He further added, “By falling into drug addiction, youth are not only destroying themselves, they are also destroying family.”

This initiative was part of an awareness campaign started by IPS Shatrujeet Kapoor, DGP Haryana, and IPS B Satheesh Balan, Commissioner of Police, Sonepat and Jhajjar. Akhil was invited to counsel the youngsters, which he considered a great opportunity.

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