CWC 2019: Fielding stats show India’s prowess and Pakistan’s misery

Image Courtesy: MSN

The importance of fielding has been on the rise and its consequences have been absolutely paramount for the sport. In the ongoing World Cup, according to stats, India have been the most efficient when it comes to catches while their rivals Pakistan have been the worst.

Image Courtesy: MSN

KL Rahul’s dropped catch of Yuzvendra Chahal in the clash against Pakistan remains India’s sole dropped catch of the tournament. The two-time champions boast an impressive record while their neighbours have had trouble holding onto the catches.

Pakistan have dropped 14 catches, the highest by any team. The 14 catches account for 35% of their total chances. Surprisingly, behind Pakistan lie England who have managed to drop 12 such chances.

Known for their fielding, New Zealand, too have lacked somewhat in the field this tournament by dropping 9 catches and are third on the list.

Speaking about India’s impeccable fielding, coach R Sridhar introduced the viewers to the points system which has been used to grade the catches. He said:

“We have this points system where we grade catches. Grade one is a straightforward catch that comes to you and earns you one point. Grade two, which gets you two points, is where the fielder needs to move and is under pressure. Grade three are half-chances – nobody will complain if you don’t take it, but if you do, it is a game changer. You get four points for a grade three catch. If you drop a straightforward catch, you lose two points. If you drop a grade two, you lose one point from the series kitty. No points are deducted for dropping grade three catches,”

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