Cristiano Ronaldo ‘ready for police interrogation’ as sex scandal refuses to go away

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Going To Face Police Interrogation Over The Rape Accusation Case.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be interrogated by the police of Las Vegas as the American girl Kathryn Mayorga has accused the former Real Madrid star footballer for sexual assault upon her in 2009.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Going To Face Police Interrogation Over The Rape Accusation Case.

According to ‘Tuttosport’, Cristiano Ronaldo is now ready to face the interrogation over the rape accusation case which will take place within next few weeks. Mostly the Portuguese footballer will talk about it in a video conference call. Cristiano Ronaldo is very much confident that the interrogation process will go in his way.


Cristiano Ronaldo was having sexual relationship with this American girl Kathryn Mayorga in 2009 and the star Portuguese footballer never denied the relationship. According to Cristiano Ronaldo, the American model has given her consent in this sexual relationship. The star Portuguese footballer has also paid the girl € 400.000 after their relationship. But now, Kathryn Mayorga is accusing the star Portuguese footballer for sexual assault on her.


Cristiano Ronaldo has claimed that he is not guilty in this case and after the interrogation process it will be clear to the whole World. Ronaldo has joined Juventus in this summer transfer window from Real Madrid. The time is not going in the favour of Cristiano Ronaldo after joining Juventus in this season. He was not getting goals in first few matches for the Italian side. But, he is slowly  trying to adapt himself in the new League. At this point of time, this accusation of rape will surely affect his mental peace and he will surely wish to get over it very soon.