Cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin Joins Global Chess League as Team Co-Owner

Ravichandran Ashwin

In a fascinating crossover between sports, Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin has stepped into the world of chess. Ashwin, known for his spin bowling prowess on the cricket field, has become a co-owner of the American Gambits, a new team set to participate in the second edition of the Global Chess League.

Ravichandran Ashwin steps into new field

The team, named the American Gambits, is owned by a trio of business leaders: Prachura PP, Venkat K Narayana, and Ashwin himself. Their entry into the league brings fresh energy and excitement.

Organized jointly by Tech Mahindra and the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the Global Chess League aims to elevate chess’s popularity and global reach. The league features a unique format that combines strategy, teamwork, and individual brilliance.

In this innovative league, each team consists of six players. Notably, two of these players are top women chess players, emphasizing inclusivity and gender diversity. Additionally, there’s a prodigy player in each team, adding an element of youthful talent.

The tournament unfolds in a double round-robin format. Each team plays a total of 10 matches, with the winner determined by a best-of-six board scoring system. The matches involve both black and white pieces, ensuring a balanced contest.

Fans worldwide can catch the action on major OTT and broadcast platforms. The league promises to deliver thrilling games, intense rivalries, and strategic battles.

Ashwin expressed his excitement, saying, “As co-owner, I’m thrilled to witness their journey and contribute to their success.” The American Gambits are ready to make their move, and chess enthusiasts eagerly await their performance in the upcoming season.

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