Cricket: MS Dhoni talks about why he doesn’t take the center stage in trophy celebration


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The name MS Dhoni in Indian cricket does not need any introduction. The man from Ranchi won millions of heart across India for his style of play and for his coolness he portrayed on the field.

Dhoni became the first captain in cricketing history to win all the 3 ICC Trophies. Added to this he also won the Indian Premier League thrice. In the 11 years he played for CSK he made Chennai his second home.

But in all the tournament or series wins that have come under Dhoni’s captaincy everyone must have noticed that he usually doesn’t take the center stage and resorts to the last row. Recently giving an interview to the media Dhoni revealed the reasons behind such a practice.

“Well, don’t you think, it is unfair that you play a team sport where the captain goes and receives the trophy? It’s like an over exposure. Let’s say that you already have an over exposure of like 15 seconds and after that I don’t really think that you are needed to be there. Of course, we all like the celebration and you want to be part of it. But it’s not like that you have to be with the trophy.”

He further added on saying that it was a team game and he liked giving exposure to everyone.

“That’s why, in a team environment, we try to make it as simple as possible. And as I said, 15 seconds of over exposure has already happened, so no point clinging onto the trophy. Also, maybe if you don’t spend enough time with the trophy, you get a chance or you want to win another one so that you get another of those 15 seconds.”

Such simplicity and dedication towards the game shows why Dhoni is seen different from others.

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