Cricket Betting Strategies that Actually Work


Cricket is one of the traditional sports followed by many people across the globe. Punters always get a wide variety of markers to decide from. One of the most pivotal things before betting on cricket online is the cricket betting strategy. It is especially important if you do not know where to start. 

Diving in without any solid strategy is a sure-fire way to face loss. This article will outline a few best cricket betting strategies and explain to you details about how you can make these strategies work in your favor.

Top Cricket Betting Strategies 

To get quality betting opportunities, below are some of the best cricket betting strategies for you:

Register on Several Betting Platforms

Today, there are tons of bookmakers popping up daily. However, be sure to deposit your money only on reliable betting platforms with a great history. It’s because new sites come and go, but the trustworthy platforms offer you a superb cricket betting experience online.

By building several accounts on your favorite reputed cricket betting websites, you can take benefit of the multitude of sports, markets, bets, odds, and exclusive bonus offers. This helps you to build healthy profits each year.

Learn the Cricket Bet Types


There are many forms of bets punters can place on cricket – series winner, classic match-winner, and much more. Learning how and when to use them builds an essential part of cricket betting strategy. It also offers you a great opportunity to earn money.

Pick the Simple Bets

Choose simple matches like ODI, Test series, etc. ODI matches are excellent for newbies because it will help you to know the match outcome within 24 hours.

But few of the country championships and test matches may also incorporate the draw. Therefore, make sure you think wisely when wagering online.

Focus on Particular Markets

For cricket punters, there are plenty of cricket markets to bet on. Regardless of how much expert bettor you are, you must have a deep knowledge of all teams, players, leagues, and tournaments available.

So when you transition to professional betting, we recommend you refine your cricket betting strategy by focusing on specific markets. 

Following too many markets can drift your focus and can confuse you. It’s good to focus on domestic play rather than international tournaments. Only place wagers on areas where you feel you possess some experience or a little bit of know-how.

Perform Pre-Match Research

Another great cricket betting strategy is to deeply research the cricket players or teams you are planning to place bets online ahead of an event. Below are the things you must check out:

  • Injuries. You must know whether any player has suffered from severe injuries. It will help you know whether the player will progress further in the cricket tournament or not. Remember, the loss of the top players can also ruin team morale. Therefore, you should shape your betting strategies as per that.
  • Form. Know how diverse contestants in a cricket match have been performing. Placing a bet on a team with bad runs can put you at a huge loss. Thus, make sure you carefully put an eye on it.

New Stories. Any kind of buzz or news like player transfer, or a happening of a personal tragedy, etc., can be very valuable for you when implementing betting strategies. Always follow the news closely associated with cricket.

Follow Latest Betting Trends

Watch the game closely and stay up-to-date with the latest cricket betting trends. Staying updated will every aspect of the game allow you to make a better punter, and you can take away money happily.

Take into Account Home Away

You can also find out where the match is being played – away from home or at home. Remember, home cricket teams typically have a leading edge over those playing away from home. It is because they can build favorable terrain when required.

  • Consider Weather Conditions. Weather is the first factor you must take into account while betting online on your favorite cricket tournament. Did you know weather conditions pose a great effect on other sports than cricket? Usually, playing after bad weather allows visiting bowlers to struggle more. When an away team loses the toss in the match, it could lead to an unpleasant experience for them.
  • History. Another determinant that plays a major role in the game of cricket is “history.” A cricket team that has recorded a series of home defeats may also incur the same internationally. Thus, it’s best to study the past performance and forms of the teams.

Subscribe to Cricket Betting Blogs

Do not ignore cricket betting blogs. It will provide you excellent cricket betting tips and an overall birds-eye view of the whole cricket world for free. It is something that all successful punters are already taking benefit of. Remember, the more you know about cricket, the more successful you will be as a gambler.

Use Cricket Betting Predictions

Nowadays, numerous top cricket betting websites offer predictions for all major cricket tournaments. Getting daily Cricket betting tips and predictions on upcoming cricket tournaments like Ashes, IPL, etc., can help you improve your betting performance. It is typically beneficial for newbies in the world of online cricket betting.

Take Advantage of Statistics

If you find that you are triumphing regularly on ODI but not getting desired profits from 20-20 cricket, it’s worth taking the benefit of cricket statistics and news online. Today, plenty of sites offer free of cost wealth of information associated with cricket betting and statistics for cricket fans. It may include trades, management changes, best players, and more.

Stats will let you quickly nurture into the world of cricket betting. The best tip is to use the off-season to catch up on the team form, statistics, layout of the game, and player form relevant to the game. 

Use Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, social media has become an essential part of the daily life of most people. Using platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook lets you communicate and make a good bond with professional cricket bettors. This allows you to collect valuable information regarding cricket betting.

Bet on Runs 

Betting on the run is usually simple. Cricket betting sites usually set a particular amount for their cricket tournaments and events. You can also predict if the total runs will be under or above the particular amount. This is also known as over or under betting.

Manage Your Bankroll Properly

Another most vital strategy includes careful betting money management. It lets you enjoy cricket betting and have an opportunity for minting a real profit. However, going crazy with the number poses a huge risk.

  • Bet Only a Set Percentage of Bankroll. It is vital to set only a small percentage of your bank money for betting. Always bet 2 to 3% of your bankroll on every bet. This prevents you from keeping reloading your account daily.
  • Decide Wisely. Take a break and think wisely. It will help you survive from the unexpected loss that will occur and prevent you from falling into a big debt.
  • Set Tight Spending Limits. You can set a spending limit on your betting account on the majority of online cricket betting platforms. It is a great trick to maintain the bank balance.
  • Keep a Record of Your Bets Placed. Whether you are betting online for fun or real money, it is important to keep your betting record. It will help you to disclose your loss or profits over time while uncovering your strengths and weaknesses. This is beneficial for all betting forms – be it cricket, football, or other sports.
  • Split Your Balance. Split 50 -50 between the winner of the match and your selection of props. It will prevent you from avoiding throwing your whole wallet down the drain while offering you more fun with multiple bets risk-free (mainly props).

Find the Best Odds

Visit your favorite bookmakers to see which bets are stronger and hold the most value. Comparing the odds is the perfect way to determine the excellent rates on diverse markets that are available. It’s worth stopping at the cricket betting platform that offers great odds on live cricket games. It could allow you to make an extra 10% profit.

Lay the Draw

Another excellent strategy for winning cricket bets is to lay the draw before the test match begins and then back it at high odds after you accomplish your goal. It will help you to assure your profits. 

Wager on Top Players

Another great cricket betting strategy is to wager on the batsman at the top, best player, the top bowler in a cricket match. But before you place any bets, take into account the recent forms of players of every team. After that, you make the prediction depending on that.

Master In-Play Betting

Live cricket betting has become famous over the last couple of decades. It needs a sharp mind and the potential to think fast. It is usually accompanied by a cash-out feature, which allows you to cash-out whenever you want. 

Mastering in-play betting strategies allow you to feel more confident when analyzing in-play markets and deciding which wager will serve you the best.

Below are some of the great in-play betting strategies for you:

Pay Close Attention

It is the most important part of live betting strategies because in-play betting relies on replying promptly as they occur. However, if a TV broadcast is unavailable, you can attend the event live or take advantage of the live streaming service from your favorite cricket betting website. It will help you pick up the extra details and shape your live betting strategy.

Keep Emotions to One Side

Cricket betting is for entertainment and does not stress yourself. However, some amateur punters dive and end up with huge depression. Do not let your negative emotions like frustration, anger, etc., come in the way of making serious money out of cricket betting. 

It’s a recipe for a big disaster – a negative cycle. It is where you lose money again and again and chase losses with even larger bets. So it’s best to do something positive and do online cricket betting only when you feel lighter. 

Track Your Performance 

You must also track your betting performance post live cricket event. It’s worth asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you wagering on the right cricket leagues and tournaments?
  • Are you losing too much money?
  • Do your strategies work when you wager on certain teams, players, or leagues?


Cricket betting is a famous pastime across the globe. Many famous cricket betting sites on the web that cricket punters can use for fun purposes or earning real money. But betting on cricket tournaments is not easy as it seems. It’s a game of mind and luck. 

Learning how to bet on online cricket will take some of your precious time, but it’s well worth the effort. Thus, before giving any bookie thumbs-up and starting online betting, make sure you consider our cricket betting strategies. It will help you get aware of the things that will help you make a successful cricket bettor.