Up and coming WWE superstar still finds time for college!


Sport is a genre where one needs to start young to succeed. Once a sportsman becomes a professional and a celebrity at a young age, maintaining education becomes nearly impossible. For WWE superstars, the problem must be more severe, with insane training times and the almost continuous touring period. But, with all these problems on his toe, Humberto Carrillo is doing the unthinkable by retaining his progress in the educational field.

Recently, the rising star disclosed that he still prioritizes his college over anything else in his life. In his career as a luchador in Mexico, he used to cancel matches on the dates when he had exams in College. He is a student of physiotherapy, and he knows how important it is to have a decent education in a life where a freak injury may very well be the end of his wrestling career.

Just one week after his graduation party, Carrillo signed with NXT. He says about his current management of time: “Last week, I went to my faculty… to present my theoretical exam. And in a few days I’ll have the practical test.” Carrillo is certainly being reasonable by trying to back up his wrestling career by his education.

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