Chess Betting – is it Profitable?


Chess is the most cerebral sport. Although this discipline is not in the Olympic Games program, it has a worldwide following. In India, chess betting is very popular. As a result, many Indian bookmakers, such as Crickex, try to provide favorable chess betting conditions.

Inexperienced bettors wonder what makes betting on chess competitions unique, and what outcomes are offered by bookmakers. Is it even profitable to bet on chess?

Introducing Chess Betting

Chess was used in ancient times to develop logical thinking and the most effective strategy for conducting a duel, which was often a vital skill. Chess is played by two people in our safer and more quiet times, using white and black pieces and a 64-cell game board, but they do it for fun and to train their thinking. 

When one of the opponents checkmates the opponent’s king, the time allotted for the game according to the tournament rules expires, the opponents agree to a draw, or one of the opponents’ surrenders, the game is considered over. To make the right bets, the player must first understand the intricacies of the game.

Chess Betting Types

In bookmakers, there are only a few analysts who specialize in this sport. It’s as simple as that: demand creates supply. Even so, the most basic betting options are available.

  • Bet on the outcome. A classic bet on the victory of an individual athlete or a draw.
  • A bet on a double outcome. The coefficient will be much lower than for a win with a zero handicap, but a draw will result in a win rather than a refund. Keep in mind that draws are common in chess, so the potential gain will almost certainly be modest.
  • A bet on a zero head start. In this case, bookmakers offer only one option with a handicap in a draw. The bet also implies that one or another participant in the competition will not lose at least. However, in case of a draw, the bet with a zero handicap is calculated by a refund.
  • Long-term bets They bet on a specific athlete’s victory not in a specific match, but rather on the overall results of the tournament. In extreme cases, you can hedge and bet on the athlete’s progress rather than his or her victory. For example, in the top two, three, or five. 

Chess is a unique sport in which it is extremely difficult to think through and develop a unique strategy based on the unique characteristics of the game.

Chess Betting Pros and Cons 

Chess, like other sports, has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when determining how much betting on this type of variety will be beneficial to you:


  1. A small number of competitions, unlike other sports;
  2. It is difficult to find up-to-date information for most fights;
  3. High margin from bookmakers;
  4. Lack of a choice of bets.

Among the benefits of chess betting:

  1. There are often value bets;
  2. Many different betting strategies and techniques;
  3. Leaders rarely change.
  4. A small number of people who understand sports are betting.

The pros and cons appear to be equal, but take into account the general impression that the verdict itself suggests.

Chess Betting – is it Profitable: Verdict

You can find a plethora of online chess tournaments by visiting the website or playing via their official app. The general principle is straightforward: the greater the competition, the greater the variety. The world champion title matches, the candidate’s tournament, and the biggest stars will undoubtedly be presented along the lines of the leading operators.

Chess betting can be extremely profitable if you fully immerse yourself in the game. Try playing online. You should be able to play chess at a reasonable level, and even better — keep a close eye on the competitions. 

Do not overlook the analysis of the chess player’s previous games, as well as the statistics of face-to-face meetings. Chess matches are notoriously difficult to predict. Do not put large sums of money at risk until you have gained experience.