Where Can You Watch Australian Horse Racing Replays?


For any sports enthusiast, nothing beats watching the game as it happens. That’s why action sports like basketball, cricket and football never fail to fill an arena, especially during crucial matches and final rounds. The same holds for other types of competitions, including horse racing.

The pandemic, however, has seen spectator-less games and racing events, including Australia’s prestigious Melbourne Cup in 2020. Instead of trooping the racecourse, horse lovers had to stay at home and watch live streaming or race replay options.

As any racing enthusiast and skilled punter would know, horse racing replays aren’t just helpful during movement restrictions. Understand how horse racing video clips help improve your wagering skills and where you can find these valuable resources.

Why are horse racing replays essential?

Video clips of a horse’s past and current performances can help you spot the potential race frontrunners, even if you’re a beginner. By reviewing horse racing replays, you’ll be able to understand how a thoroughbred will perform even with handicaps like bearing a load or running on challenging tracks. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to spot possible winning qualities in a runner that would’ve been easy to miss while watching the competition live. Armed with the proper knowledge and with valuable insights from racing analysts and professionals, you may be able to back the most winnable candidate. 

Where to watch Australian horse racing replays  

You can access horse racing replays using different types of platforms and devices, whether you’re online or offline. Because of this accessibility, you can watch video clips conveniently even while you’re on the go. Here are the most popular platforms where you can find these replays:

  • Betting sites

More than telling you today’s horse racing tips, betting sites provide a wealth of resources for horse lovers and novice and seasoned punters. Apart from various betting options, these sites publish racing news, updated horse racing calendars, race results and other tips. Some websites have video streaming and horse replay videos for thoroughbred races, not just in Australia but also in other countries.

While you can access some resources for free, some sites require a subscription or membership to avail unlimited access to videos and other valuable materials.