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    Can We Bet Online in India?


    Betting online is a gambler’s fantasy. While in some countries people can place a wager on their mobile phones or PCs as easily as ordering groceries online, here in India it still has roadblocks. Even though there is no law that makes betting online illegal in India, it comes with some restrictions. There are many international betting giants who use the loophole in the Indian legal system to facilitate placing bets online. In other words, while the law prohibits bookmakers in India to operate, there is no law that stops punters from working with foreign bookmakers.

    In addition, since the servers of the online betting agencies are located outside India, there is nothing that Indian law agencies can do to stop this practice. Therefore, we have instances of Indian people placing online bets varying from a few hundred to millions of rupees. And the favorite betting grounds are sports and political events.

    What is Online Betting?


    Online betting is nothing but placing a punt on a website for playing stakes set by it on current live events. In other words, it is gambling on the internet. This could include betting on card games in live casinos or placing a wager on live events such as sports matches. There are many websites where an individual can register and start betting. Betting online has been facilitated with the advancement in technology. It has exponentially increased the business of gambling. In fact, though not in India, in many countries it is a huge source of revenue for governments. While for some betting online by definition may just mean placing bets on card games, it actually encompasses a whole gamut of activities with the aim of achieving monetary returns on stakes.

    • Online betting means placing a bet on the internet.
    • Many websites allow betting on live events and offer returns on games.
    • Gambling on the internet can be on sports matches or live political events.
    • An individual can register at a website and place bets.
    • Indians have to wager through websites that have a server in a country that permits online betting.
    • Digital advancement has exponentially increased the business of betting.
    • In many countries revenue generated by online betting is a huge source of revenue.

    Is Online Betting Allowed in India?

    The one-word answer to the question ‘Is online betting legal in India’ is No. Indian law does not permit betting on the internet. While this is considered normal abroad, here in India there are taboos and legal hindrances to placing bets on such a medium. The Indian law does not allow bookmakers to operate from within the Indian Territory. However, if a bookmaker has a server in a foreign country where betting is legal then an individual Indian can place bets online. There are many bookmakers sitting in foreign countries that facilitate Indians to place bets on their websites. Since the server is located in a country that allows online betting, it is difficult for Indian law agencies to penalize the person placing bets.

    Some of the sites commonly used by Indians are Digibet sports betting, Bookmaker, Intertops, and 5Dimes. In fact for sports lovers in India, Digibet is a very popular choice. It gives Indians the option to place bets on football matches, cricket, horse racing, tennis, eSports, and a host of other games. Indians can place bets at websites where transactions do not take place in India, therefore protecting them from the loophole in the law.

    • Law does not permit bookmakers to operate from India.
    • The law, however, has not declared illegal individuals betting online.
    • Therefore, Indians can bet online via websites that have their servers in the country that permit online gambling.
    • Digibet is a popular website used by Indians betting online.
    • Indians bet online on various sports live events.
    • Cricket matches, tennis, football and other field sports are known to have Indians contributing to the stakes generously.

    Where can We Bet Online in India?

    Since bookmakers are not allowed to operate from India, individuals living here have no choice but to place their bets through websites that are licensed to run from countries that allow online gambling. Some popular sites include Digibet, Betway, Bet365, LeoVegas, and 22 Bet to name a few. All of them have their servers located in countries that legally permit betting online. All that one needs to do is register at their website, deposit funds, and start placing a wager.

    • Bookmakers operating from countries that legally permit gambling allow Indians to bet online.
    • Indians can place a wager on sites such as Digibet, Bet365, and Betway to name a few.
    • An individual needs to register at the website, deposit funds and start betting.

    Precautions to Take while Betting Online in India

    Betting online is not illegal in India. However, Indian law does place some restrictions for people who want to indulge in online betting. Therefore, Indians need to be a bit cautious about the way they go about placing bets online. Most importantly they must do due diligence about the site they register in. The website must have a license to operate from a country that allows online betting. There are many websites that accept deposits in Indian rupees. In addition, make sure the website where you register has covered all its bases as far as the legal hurdles are concerned. In other words, the transaction of the gamble should not take place in India.

    Finally, since the sport is an obsession in this country, you are more likely to bet on cricket or a football match, than any other event. Therefore, make sure, the site specializes in sports betting.

    • Though online betting is not illegal in India, there are some restrictions in place.
    • The bookmaker should not be based in India.
    • Betting transactions should take place in a country that permits online betting.
    • Look for sites that have the convenience of payment in rupees.
    • Sports are an obsession with Indians, therefore register at sites that specialize in sports betting.