Buttler the booker: Jos Buttler wants a Royal Rumble match for the custom made title handed by the WWE

Image Courtesy: Wisden/TalkSport

After being crowned as the champions a week ago, England have their eyes set on the Ashes which is set to commence from August 1. The WWE, who are known to hand over custom made title belts to winning teams from all around the globe, made no exception this time.

Image Courtesy: Wisden/TalkSport

Triple H announced on Twitter that the England cricket team would be getting a custom made title as well for their exhilarating journey to victory in the competition. He tweeted:

An incredible tournament, an awe-inspiring final, and a team of worthy champions. Congratulations to @EnglandCricket for winning the ICC Men’s @CricketWorldCup 2019! This custom @WWE Championship is YOURS! @WWEUK

Jos Buttler was rather in a competitive spirit after expressing his desire to have a Royal Rumble match with the squad with the last member remaining keeping the elusive belt.

England are currently in preparation for the visiting Aussies and take their summer to another height by winning the Ashes as well.

While the WWE are gearing up for the upcoming big four pay-per-view Summerslam. Moreover, the company have broadened their market into England as well with the newly reformed NXT UK.

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