The Business of Sports: Examining India’s Sports Industry


India boasts a population of over a billion people, which makes it a storehouse of human resources. However, studies suggest that only 2% of Indians participate in sports regularly. What causes this low interest in sports in the country? This post looks at the sports industry in India.

India’s Sports Industry

India has a plethora of sports talent, but most of it remains unexplored. This could be because there is no motivation, and recognition by the public. In ancient India, the situation was different as parents and teachers used to give sports its due recognition. They acknowledged the importance of sports in a child’s growth and development and encouraged them to participate in swordsmanship, archery, and weightlifting, among other sports.

After several years of neglecting the sports industry, the situation is gradually changing. In the past few years, there has been a rise in the interest in different kinds of sports. This can be attributed to India’s improving economic climate. The availability of sports wagering platforms like rabona casino has also helped inspire people to follow sports events keenly. For example, the Indian Premier League is popular among sports betting fans nationwide.

The league we estimated to be worth 5.3 billion dollars. When you combine the IPL with other leagues, they helped the Indian sports industry’s worth to reach 2.7 billion USD from 1.5 billion USD five years ago.   

The Future Looks Bright

India is one of the most promising sports markets globally. The industry has recorded tremendous growth across all segments in the past few years. India has millions of sports fans, and the numbers are projected to increase dramatically thanks to increased viewership of sports on TV.

The government has made massive investments in athletic and training facilities to encourage more people to participate in sports. The thriving sports industry has also led to more employment opportunities for locals. It has also encouraged young Indians to believe they can participate in international competitions. The government is focused on modernizing sports infrastructure at the grassroots level. It is also keen on providing young athletes with scientific training.

India is a Sports Powerhouse Globally

India usually wins a good number of medals during Olympic Games and commonwealth games. For example, during the Commonwealth games in 2022, Indian athletes bagged 61 awards, including 22 gold, 16 silvers, and 23 bronze.

Final Thoughts

It is correct to predict that the golden age of Indian sports has come. After registering one of their best performances at the Commonwealth Games of 2022, Indian athletes will not want to lose that momentum. With the government’s full backing, the sky cannot limit the Indian Sports industry from reaching its true potential.