When Brett Lee urged the umpire to dismiss him instead of allowing him to face Shoaib Akhtar!

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Shoaib Akhtar has no scarcity of comic timing. During his career, he was one of the most controversial, yet successful and loved cricketer. He has carried over that form after his retirement, and his comic timing ensures that he is one of the players almost universally loved, especially in Pakistan and India.

Sharing a video on Twitter, Akhtar wrote “Binga being very humble there honestly. @BrettLee_58 himself was quite a terror on the field for the batsmen of that era.”


The video itself was an old snippet from The Kapil Sharma Show, where Australian legend Brett Lee discussed how he was terrified of bowlers he would face as a batsman. The Australian speedster then went on to share an account involving Akhtar, which turned the audience insane at laughter.

The host, Kapil Sharma, asked Lee about the bowlers, and if Lee was scared of any as a batsman, and Lee was quick to reply that he was afraid of everyone, even the spinners, much to the giggles of the audience.

“I realised in my last three years as a cricketer, that if I open my eyes while batting, it’s easier, ” Lee declared as he went on offering an example of how he used to duck behind his bat trying not to get hit by a fastball.

Then he went on to share an anecdote about Akhtar. Starting the story with the confirmation that he and Akhtar are good friends, he went on to describe how Akhtar scared him during a match.

“So, I’m out batting and I’m sweaty and nervous. My nickname is ‘Binga’ and I suddenly hear ‘Binga, Binga’. I look up, and there’s Shoaib, about 75 metres back. He goes ‘I’m going to kill you’,”  Lee reminisced.

He then dramatically explains how Akhtar went on to bowl, with hairs flying in the wind during his much-replicated bowling run, and then the balls hits Lee’s foot. Then comes the hilarious part.

“It’s hit me straight on the foot. I’ve appealed to the umpire – ‘Howzzat! That’s gotta be out, surely?” Lee said, with the audience in splits. “And you know what happened? That silly Australian umpire said not out,” Lee added.

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