Boxing phenom Mary Kom conducts online seminar for budding pugilists!

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The novel Coronavirus pandemic may have halted all sports activities in the world, but it hasn’t stopped the veterans of the sporting fraternity from interacting with the youngsters. Even in India, the boxing stalwart MC Mary Kom has taken to the internet in an education programme organised by the Boxing Federation of India (BFI), where the Olympian interacted with many rising talents in the country’s boxing scene.

Image Courtesy: Getty/BFI

The fear of injuries in sports are something that irks any budding athlete, and to bust some misconceptions regarding the very topic, the six times world champion and 2012 London Olympics bronze medallist today spoke to almost 300 young pugilists from India.

Mary Kom was joined with Elite Men Boxing Team Physician Dr. Karanjeet Singh, Elite Women Boxing Team Physician Dr. Amol Patil and Physiotherapists  Dr. Aayush Yekhande and Dr. Shikha Kedia.

The 37 year old Manipuri boxer recalled the early days of her career. The future world champion had started off without much awareness about exercise or injuries, something that is vital for a young pugilist or any athlete to know. However, interaction with the medical professionals assisted her concept of body fitness.

“I started getting exposed to the team of physios and doctors and interacting with them helped me understand the importance of being aware of the body,” Mary said in the online seminar.

The session aimed to give the young boxers a proper concept of the reality in sports injuries, and help them avoid any mistakes that can prove to be career-ending. While there have been many myths among young athletes regarding weight training, flexibility or using tapes, Mary and the medical experts busted many such beliefs in the session, also stating that proper exercises can avert a number of injuries, without the requirement of surgeries.

“How doing exercises can prevent so many injuries and surgery is not always the only answer, I understood much later,” Mary added, saying that it was following the words of the physio that even helped her recover from a back injury.

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