Boxing: Eddie Hearn reveals PPV numbers for the fights he promoted in the past

British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, say what you want about him, always gets stuck in on Twitter with fans. So much so today he’s let slip some of the pay per view numbers he’s done.
Since coming into the sport of boxing a number of years back Hearn has catapulted to fame with a number of massive outdoor stadium shows sold out and more recently, his billion dollar deal in the US for boxing with streaming service DAZN.

Anthony Joshua has not only been the big driver in this over the years, Hearn and his team have done very well themselves to be fair in putting on some strong cards and events.
Even his detractors would be-grudgingly have to admit it at this stage.
Today when speaking to one fan on social media he revealed that in the UK he’s broke the 1 million pay per view buy mark on two occasions:

As opposed to the US where pay per view figures are released by the likes of HBO and Showtime, Hearn’s broadcaster in the UK Sky Sports largely choose not to share that kind of information with the public.

The above fights Hearn is referring too surely include most of, if not all of, Anthony Joshua’s big fights against opponents in recent years.

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