Boxing Coach Geeta Chanu Advocates for Extended Training Camps with Central Asian Boxers


National junior girls’ boxing coach Geeta Chanu has called for extended training camps with international boxers, particularly from Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. She believes that month-long exposure camps with these international pugilists will significantly benefit the development of boxing in India, especially at the age-group level.

Geeta Chanu hopes for cooperation with Central Asian Boards

Geeta Chanu noted that countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are among the top boxing nations due to the close cooperation between their respective boxing boards. She pointed out that these countries have good endurance and strength, but their real advantage lies in their confidence.

“Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have good endurance they are also high on strength but where they really score over others is their confidence,” Geeta Chanu told PTI.

According to Chanu, exposure trips between Central Asian countries and India are common and play a pivotal role in grooming young talent. She emphasized that such interactions provide Indian boxers with an opportunity to learn from their international counterparts, understand different boxing styles, and improve their skills.

“Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan conduct combined training and competitions across various age groups, at least three such combined training or competitions in a year. Hence from a very young age, they get a lot of international exposure. Our players face international boxers only in multi-national tournaments,” she added.

However, Chanu feels that the current duration of these camps is insufficient. She welcomed the Boxing Federation of India’s (BFI) move to host multinational camps for age-group-level Indian teams but insisted that the duration of such camps should be longer. “We need even longer camps. A 30-day camp would yield more results. In 15 days not everything can be covered so we want that a longer camp should be there,” she said.

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