Boxing: Canelo vs GGG rematch to take place on 15th September


A mere day shy of one year exactly boxing fans around the world will get to see Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin go at it as a rematch has been agreed to take place on September 15 in Las Vegas. After fighting to a controversial draw on September 16th last year the two sides almost immediately began negotiations for a rematch. It was announced earlier this year that the rematch would take place on May 5th in the same location as the first bout, Las Vegas.

The first week of March, however, the bottom fell out as it was reported that Alvarez had failed a drug test for Clenbuterol. Under the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s rules, Alvarez had to be suspended. That in turn effectively canceled the rematch.

Golovkin went through with a fight on the proposed date against Vanes Martirosyan. Everything pointed to a rematch taking place as soon as Alvarez’s suspension was lifted which is August 17th. But, Golovkin and his team were not willing to agree to the same terms as before. In fact, Golovkin wanted an even split.

The first fight was done under a 70/30 split and the rematch was agreed to originally at 65/35. The two sides have gone back and forth and Golden Boy President Eric Gomez said yesterday that Golovkin had until high noon today to accept their latest offer of a 57.5%/42.5% split.

High noon came and there was still no deal according to both sides than just a matter of minutes later “new developments” emerged in which the talks were still taking place.

Now Oscar De La Hoya has announced that “We Got A Deal!” Canelo vs GGG 2 is coming this September.

This is the biggest possible fight in Boxing right now and hopefully, both fighters can put on an entertaining fight.