Boundless Possibilities Beyond Cricket Betting in India


Cricket betting is prevalent in our country and is widely accepted. What are the other possible ways of online gambling in India? Read more.

India is a nation closely related to the game of cricket and it is one of the main reasons why cricket betting became highly successful in this country. In a nation where cricket is deemed a religion, there is no wonder why more people are captivated by the betting markets available online. With the increase in the growth of daily internet users, the betting markets have gained popularity more than ever. Strikingly, even after having such a huge progress, the Indian gamblers are unaware of the richness that lies inside the gambling market. Betting or gambling in India is an area of concern for the Government also and they are backing the endless possibilities that are at sight. It is a high revenue yielding area that can expand the Indian economy to a great extent. But, the Indian public is not going beyond cricket betting at this moment and is content with the contemporary investors that arise in the field of cricket betting. 

The sports betting market and casino gambling market are analogous to each other and India is leading the markets for online casinos worldwide.  There are players registered over a number of 300 million in India alone. There are numerous online games that can be as engaging as cricket or any other sports betting available in India. There are enormous traditional gambling games that have made their entry into the online markets and are ruling the industry. The popularity of these games of chance are highly dependent on the various casino websites that are available online. All these casino games available over the internet do not get the required recognition. There are many games that were originally played in many countries which made a worldwide comeback through the online versions of the game. 

Even before the titles turned digital, card games were linked with gambling in India. 

There were many obstacles that were prevalent when these games were brought into the mobile platform. There were many issues regarding this movement and only a few games are permitted to use real money in online casinos that are available online. The restrictions would vary according to your locations. But, there are still some giants in the gaming industry when it comes to casino betting.

Top Casino Games Alternate to Cricket Betting in India


Blackjack, also known as twenty-one and pontoon, is one of the most popular gambling card games all over the world. It’s origin traces back to France and Italy although the actual facts regarding the game are unknown. But it is fascinating that this game is widely accepted by the Indian market through online casino gaming. The game has a deck of 52 cards and the players never compete with each other. Instead, the game is played between the player and the dealer. This game is known to be a descendant of the casino banking game named Twenty One. 

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is one of the oldest games when it comes to gambling and it is more than just a fun game for the Indian people. It was played by most of the people in the society and it became a large part of the Indian casino games. Teen Patti is also known as a flush gambling game and it is formed from the old three card brag game. It is closely connected to the people of India which makes it one of the most adored casino games in India. One of the key features of the Teen Patti game is it’s sheer ease and convenience. 


Baccarat can be termed as a simpler version of the Blackjack game. The easy and elegant nature of the game makes it stand out from others. The Baccarat has two hands namely banker hand and the player hand. You can choose between the two sides and play accordingly. Basically, there are three kinds of bets in online baccarat which are player, baker and tie. The highest value card is 9 and any bettor close to the highest wins the baccarat. There are many baccarat casino games available online especially in India.