India, as one of the largest countries in the world, is also one of the largest markets for fantasy sports. Getting paid to win a sports competition has never been so unrelated to wearing jerseys or soccer boots. 

We are talking about fantasy sports. There is something for all genres to discover, more than just 22Bet. However, this trend is global. We can see growth in all regions. Either in events, fans or players. 

But what makes this concept so successful? It combines all the weaknesses that a person has. It knows what we want. We love to compete with others. But it is also necessary to play as a team. So you can either beat your friends or share the success with them.

But it is more fun to make them cry. 

Do not underestimate these games. You need a clear strategy and you have to be focused all the time. It is a bit time-consuming. So better set up your games when you are free. 

You are completely free to choose sports, players and teams. It opens up a whole new reality. You are in charge. This feeling of being in control is another secret of this sport. All teams and athletes are available. Besides, you can switch between baseball, basketball, American or European soccer. Thanks to technology, there are no limits. 



But it was not always this way. It actually started back in the 1860s. Back then, people entertained themselves with table games. That changed to board games in the 1930s. And finally, in 1930, kids could play with baseball cards, which were introduced by Clifford Van Beek. 

With the introduction of such cards, Van Beek opened a new door. It evolved, and soon you could build your own teams based on the cards you received. So it shows the first similarities to what we know today. Children traded cards and played against each other. Obviously, we love competition through the centuries. 

What is interesting is that it started with baseball. On the cards were written information about the real athlete. How he was doing in his sport. That was actually a smart move by the industry. Because now it was not easy to keep cards for more than one season. There are always newcomers or an athlete does not play as well or maybe even improves his results. So the market kept moving and had a relatively stable income. 

With the technological improvements and the introduction of the Internet, this game that started as a table game was now digitized. Now people did not have to buy new decks of cards after each season, but more new games or updates. The boundaries were expanded. However, it can be doubted that imagination was still as prominent in gaming as it used to be.  

Online gaming increased the competition. One could now challenge users all over the world. One could create teams with international players and get to know other leagues and teams.


The biggest market for Fantasy Sports is in India. In 2021, it will reach more than 20 billion Indian rupees. Its growth is expected to reach 50 billion Indian rupees by 2025. India far surpasses other countries, especially in terms of players. In 2017, there were about 40 million players. Two years later, there were 90 million. By 2020, there will be 100 million participants. 

Growing numbers are a feature of every market around the globe. But India is doing most of it. It is also common for cricket to be the most popular around the world. Usually, growing user numbers are accompanied by growing employment. For example, in 2016-17, only 900 people were directly employed. However, in 2020, this number will be as high as 5100. Since it is obvious that demand will grow, so will the market and the service sector. 

But where will the influx come from? There are three areas of importance here. First, the number of active users, followed by the monthly spending and finally the ranking of the website.

Surely we can expect more from this market. It is a hobby that connects the world.