Bhuvneshwar Kumar: “Rajkumar Rao will be good for my biopic.”


We know Bhuvneshwar Kumar for his swing bowling. He swings the ball both ways and has troubled many batsmen. Knuckle balls, slower balls, an accurate yorker make Kumar one of India’s best pacers going around.

In a recent Webinar, Kumar opened up about cricket post-COVID-19.

On his initial reaction to COVID-19

“We were to play South Africa in a three-match ODI series when we first heard of it. I thought it will go away soon. I didn’t think it would be this dangerous or that it will take so much time to get back.”


On his fitness routine

“It’s a big change from being on the ground and doing fitness with a team. Fitness gets different when at home. You want to be a better version of yourself at the end of this. I don’t want to start from zero. I don’t have too many types of equipment at home, but I am trying to stay as fit as possible. When you are working out at home, you can’t be 100% fit but am trying to be 90-92% fit. I know things will get better when I go to the gym and the ground. I don’t want to drop to 70% of my fitness level.”

On playing in empty stadiums

“Crowd matters a lot. They boost us and help us give our 100%. When you are playing for your country, you will try to give your 100%. It will be difficult to play without the crowd, but as a team, we have to boost each other.”


On not being able to use saliva to shine the ball

“It will be an issue for the bowlers if we cannot use saliva but given the current situation that is the best way to go. I hope we will find some artificial way to shine the ball. It’s important for all the bowlers not pacers alone. Sweat could be one option. It is much lighter than saliva but it will be challenging.”

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On being on and off out of the team because of injury

“Yes, I keep getting injured. I get worried someone else will take my place. If you are out because of injury for about three-four months, it means you have lost three to four series and the guy who replaced you, performs well and you lose your place in the side. I have suffered from an injury, have been out of the side, recovered, made a comeback and have got injured again, it can get very frustrating.”

On getting Sachin Tendulkar out for a duck

“I was getting out of my room and I saw Sachin Tendulkar walking towards the lift. I was watching him the entire time. When I came to bowl, I was watching him. I didn’t even think of what I would bowl to him. I was just awestruck. The credit for that wicket goes to Mohammad Kaif. The position in which he was fielding wasn’t conventional, it was in between two fielding positions. The ball was in the air and Kaif doesn’t drop catches so I was lucky to have got that wicket, it belongs to Kaif more than me.”

On whether they should play IPL this year

“I want IPL to happen if they postpone the World Cup. Every player dreams of playing the World Cup for their country, but if that doesn’t happen then the IPL should happen. Players from other countries as well have shown interest in playing the IPL. I desperately want to play.” 

On his biopic and after retirement plans

“I feel Rajkumar Rao will be good for my biopic. I will always stay with the game coaching or academy or doing something else. In the initial 10-12 years of my career, Meerut has done a lot for me so whenever I do something I will try to give something back to Meerut. This pandemic has taught me the importance of investment. My wife and I have been talking about investing, let’s see we haven’t got everything planned out as yet.”