Who is Bhupinder Singh Bajwa? The new Chairman of the Wrestling Committee set by IOC

Bhupinder Singh Bajwa
Bhupinder Singh Bajwa speaking to ANI. Source: ANI

Bhupinder Singh Bajwa is elected as the Chairman of ad hoc committee of Wrestling Federation of India(WFI). He will head the three member team formed by the Indian Olympic Association(IOA). Other members include MM Somaya, an Olympian Hockey player and Manjusha Kanwar, former international shuttler.

The Sports Ministry has earlier suspended the newly formed elected representatives on December 23rd, just two days after election for breaching the constitutional guidelines of WFI.

Who is Bhupinder Singh Bajwa?

Bhupinder Singh Bajwa is currently serving as the President of Wushu Association of India, an affiliated body of IOA, which will oversee the martial arts games at international level. Bajwa was also one of the members of ad hoc committee formed by IOA in April to conduct the elections of WFI. After repeated delays, the elections were finally held on December 21.

After receiving the letter from IOA, Bajwa said, “This is an Olympic year and in the next seven months, we will have the mega event in Paris. So we have to start with national competitions and then we have to organize camps. We will channel our effort to help our wrestlers do well in the Asian and world qualifiers for the Olympics. We will do whatever it takes for the wrestlers to do well so that we win more quotas for the Olympics. And they win as many medals in Olympics also and any other international events.”

What did IOA say?

Because of the suspension of newly formed governing body, Sports Ministry directed IOA to elect the new committee. IOA turned to their most trusted member Bhupinder Singh Bajwa.

“The Indian Olympic Association has recently become aware that the recently appointed President and officials of the WFI have made arbitrary decisions in violation of their own constitutional provisions and against the principles of good governance espoused by the IOC and further without following due process overturned the rulings of the IOA appointed ad hoc committee,” as stated by IOA Chief PT Usha in a letter.

As the Paris Olympics are around the corner, the responsibility falls on Bhupinder Singh Bajwa to calm down things in the federation. He also have a task of talking to wrestlers who took part in the protest earlier and make them part of the mega event.

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