Bhavesh Shekhawat and Simranpreet triumph in 2nd 25m Pistol Olympic trials

Bhavesh Shekhawat

Bhavesh Shekhawat and Simranpreet Kaur Brar emerged victorious in the men’s 25m rapid-fire pistol (RFP) and women’s 25m pistol trials respectively at the second Olympic Selection Trials (OST) at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting ranges in New Delhi.

Bhavesh Shekhawat improves in the second round

Shekhawat, who had shown promising performance in the first trial, outdid himself in the second trial. He shot 34 in the RFP final, comfortably holding off OST T1 winner Anish Bhanwala, who finished at 29. This victory signifies Bhavesh’s consistent performance and his ability to rise to the occasion. Other competitors in the event included Vijayveer Sidhu, who finished third with 22 hits, and Adarsh Singh and Ankur Goel, who finished fourth and fifth respectively.

On the women’s side, Simranpreet Kaur Brar dominated the trials, hitting 37 in the 10 series of five five-shots each. She finished ahead of the winner of OST one, Manu Bhaker, who ended with 35 hits. This victory marked Simranpreet’s continued good run in the trials, demonstrating her skill and precision in the sport. Esha Singh was third in the standings with 30 hits, while Rhythm Sangwan, the second quota holder in the event, finished fourth, and Abhidnya Patil was fifth.

These victories are significant as they come in the wake of the Paris 2024 Olympics. The performance of both Bhavesh and Simranpreet in these trials has set a positive tone for their journey towards the Olympics. Their victories are not just personal achievements but also a moment of pride for the entire nation.

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