How to Bet on Indian Premier League


The Indian Premier League is a famous cricket tournament that runs for seven weeks between March and May. The league has in it eight teams representing the eight major cities in India. All eight teams come together to fight for the grand prize of ₹200,000,000. 

The IPL started in 2008, and even though it is relatively new, the league is becoming very popular internationally. It has also become a favourite for many punters, especially in India. That’s because every day of its seven weeks comes loaded with good fortunes for these punters. 

However, be aware that betting with the IPL comes with its risks like any other game of gambling. While you can not avert these risks in their totality, there are ways you can gamble wisely and avoid large losses. 

This guide will show you some tips, tricks and secrets that will help you make the best of your IPL bets. Keep reading, and you will find out.

You need a Betting Budget.

Before you decide on anything, you must first consider how much you want to bet with. Ideally, the money you use for gambling should be an amount you can afford to lose conveniently. When you set limits like this for yourself, it helps you bet safely and also responsibly. 

Check the Odds

The odds of a game are significant because they determine the probability and profit of winning a bet. 

For example, assuming you bet with ₹1,000, Mumbai Indians will win at a 1.72. You will get back ₹1,720 supposing the team wins. That is your ₹1,000 plus a win of ₹720. To make things easy, you can calculate your total earnings by multiplying your stake by the odds. 

Using the above example, 1000 x 1.72= 1,720.

Finally, you should know that higher odds show that a team is likely to lose. Lower odds, on the other hand, tells you the team would most likely win. This though is not a definite rule as things can change sometimes but then, that’s the beauty of gambling. 

Know Your Teams

To get the best out of IPL, you must do some research. Otherwise, you would be betting based on guesses which often ends badly.   

A majority of your research would be on the teams. You need to know their strengths, their weaknesses and how they have played over the years. Although this can be a lot of work, it indeed pays off in the end. There are tons of data and analysis on the internet to help you with your search. 

Usually, teams have trends with which you can predict their performances. While you are at it, be sure to consider both the team’s performance in history and their performance in the current season.   

Look out for Skilled Players

Even though the IPL is relatively young, it boasts of a lot of skilled players. As a bettor in India, the number of experienced players presents you with a unique opportunity to make the right betting decisions. When you have a good grasp of these players and their potentials, your chances of placing the right bets increases. 

Some notable players in the league include Sam Curran who King Xi Punjab signed for ₹71,000,000 in 2019. There is also Josh Butler who scored 548 runs for his team, Rajasthan Royals in 2018. 

The youngsters are not left out also. You can keep your eye on the 21-year-old Batsman of the West Indies, Sherfane Rutherford. There is also Prabhsimran Singh and a host of others that you can search online. 

Make Use of IPL Live Betting

Most bookmakers in India like Indibet would allow you to place your bets in two ways. You can either choose to place your bets before the game or during the game. Placing your bets while the game is on is live betting. Some bookmarkers call it ‘in-play’ betting because it occurs during the game.  

With live betting, you have increased chances of making massive profits. That’s because you can make decisions during the match to cash out early or wait to make massive profits based on the game’s odds and outcomes. 

Asides from the fact that you can win more, Live betting odds to you’s overall gambling experience. As you play, the action will keep you engaged while the match is in progress. However, you must be ready to make decisions and fast too to make the best of this betting method.  


The IPL runs for seven weeks only every year. As a result, the season is usually very busy with 60 matches in total to enjoy. Each day of these seven weeks presents you with an opportunity to place a bet. 

Do not restrict yourself; there are lots of things to bet on. You can bet on match prices, winnings, runs and lots more on any online bookmaker of your choice.