Best Short Head Biceps Exercises


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, there are a few key short head biceps exercises that you should be doing. You can find a wide variety of these exercises on the internet, but it’s always good to know which ones are the most effective. These are the ones that will help you build up your biceps quickly and easily.


Performing chin-ups is a great way to build your biceps. They also work your abs and core. Performing them correctly will also build your forearms and upper back. They are great exercises for beginners. They require a narrow grip and slow, steady motion. You can add weight to your chin-ups by using a weight vest.

Chin-ups are great for your biceps because they work both the short and long heads. The short head is more effective for increasing torque through the elbow. It also works as a dynamic stabilizer and prevents anterior gliding of the humeral head.

Chin-ups are also an effective way to build your forearms. They are a great exercise for building your lats. They involve several muscle groups including the lats, biceps, triceps, abs, and traps. You should perform chin-ups at least a couple of times a week for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

Concentration curls

Performing concentration curls is a great way to maximize your biceps’ potential and make gains. Although they can be a bit tricky to master, they are worth the effort. They can be a great way to build size and strength, and can even help you recover from injuries.

This single-joint exercise is designed to target the long and short heads of the biceps brachii. The short head is responsible for flexing your elbow, while the long head helps rotate your forearm. The exercise also recruits your torso, which can make it feel like you’re performing a swing.

It’s important to keep your form straight and slow. The wrong motions can cause unnecessary stress on your spine, making the exercise less effective. In addition, keeping the muscles under tension for a longer period of time can produce bigger results.

Preacher curls

Performing preacher curls is a great way to build a big set of biceps. Unlike many other exercises, preacher curls isolate the biceps and prime the brachialis to help you get bigger.

Preacher curls can be done with a barbell, EZ-bar, or dumbbells. Dumbbells are great because they allow you to change your hand position easily. EZ-bars are also great because they are designed to protect your joints.

The first way to do preacher curls is with your elbows out in front of you. This allows you to add more tension to the short head of the biceps.

The second way to do preacher curls is with a narrow grip. This grip puts tension on the outer biceps. The narrow grip also helps to accentuate the long head of the biceps.

Bayesian curls

Whether you are looking to build up your long head of biceps or to add some peak to your short head, there are some great exercises to consider. These exercises will help you achieve a well-defined muscle peak.

Long head bicep exercises are performed by lifting dumbbells or barbells and curling them toward your shoulders. The key to a good curl is to keep the wrists straight. This ensures you are keeping the biceps under tension and allows for better muscle growth.

Long head bicep exercises also require bracing your core to ensure you do not overwork the muscle. These exercises can also be performed on cable machines. The cable will provide you with a much wider range of motion than free weights. You can also add cable preacher curls to your routine.

Inclination bench curls

Using an incline bench is a great way to work out your short head biceps. The incline position allows for more flexion and supination, which helps to shift the load towards your short head.

If you’re not used to an incline, you’ll want to start with a 30 degree or 60 degree version. This allows you to use your arms and elbows in a full range of motion and gives you a better stretch for your biceps.

The short head of your biceps is a lot wider than the long head. This is why it is important to target your short head during your training. You can do this by using exercises like spider curls and inverted rows. You can also do bodyweight curls, or you can use a rope. See more tips on Health, Fitness and Nutrition Blog