The best Indian players to look out for when playing SRL


Online sports betting is big business and is so much more than just a trend or a fad. Being able to bet online has allowed fans to connect with their sports and to become more involved than ever. Of course, sports have their seasons, and their downtimes, so when sports have been taking a break, fans have been left wanting. Something that has seen this change is simulated reality league cricket.

SRL cricket has seen fans being able to bet on their favourite sports no matter what. Regardless of the time of year or what tournaments are taking place, there is always action to get involved with.

What is SRL?

Before we get into looking at the best Indian players in SRL, it is worth taking a look at what this actually is. SRL sees computer graphic imaging looking at popular sports, in this case, cricket, and then simulating real-life events and scenarios. When you glance at a screen showing SRL cricket, you can be forgiven for thinking that you are watching a live game That is how great the quality really is. 

SRL cricket works by using complex algorithms and statistics to play out a match. It uses this to play out games based on likely outcomes while following all of the rules of a real-life game. 

Indian Premier League SRL

This sees matches being simulated based on statistics taken from the IPL. There are many years worth of data that have been fed into computer programmes meaning that fans can bet on a full digital version of the IPL. That being the case, here are the best Indian players to keep an eye out for:

Avesh Khan

What’s great about Khan is the pace at which he can bowl. It is this pace that saw him being the second-highest wicket-taker during the 2021 IPL season. His bowling skills saw him earning a place in the Indian under 19 World Cup squad back in 2014 and since this time he has continued to go from strength to strength. What Khan offers above all else, is consistency. This makes him a great player to look at with SRL

Rohit Sharma

Sharma doesn’t just dominate a cricket match with his batting skills. He also dominates with his leadership skills that see him being a formidable captain. He performs well both at test cricket and while playing the T20 format. There have been numerous occasions, and tournaments, where Sharma has come away as the top scorer. His ability to rack up runs is almost legendary.

Virat Kohli

As a former captain of the Indian tea, Kohli is widely regarded as being the best batsman of his time. When looking at the T20 format, it is fair to go as far as saying that he is the greatest batsman of all time. From 2013 -to 2022, Kohli captained the India team more than 200 times across three formats. This means that he will forever be regarded as one of the greats.