Best football scholarships for students in 2021


It comes as no surprise that sport plays a significant role in our lives. Some people play sports to recharge their batteries. Others play it professionally and build successful careers. 

Students have plenty of opportunities to play sports these days. With the number of available scholarships, those who strive to get involved in sports can achieve their goals. However, being physically gifted or having advanced skills is not enough. Applicants should also have a competitive average score and write compelling application essays to prove they are the ones the committee has to select. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at the best football scholarships students can apply for in 2021.


Norman And Rita Nussbickel Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is available for students who are in Arlington, Beacon, or New York state. The Norman And Rita Nussbickel Memorial Scholarship was founded in 1987. The family established the scholarship in memory of Norman F. Nussbickel and Rita Nussbickiel. Candidates must demonstrate strong engagement in school or community sports. They also must prove their high academic performance. Those who are interested in this scholarship must provide:

  • Application Form
  • Official Transcript
  • Student Aid Report
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Essay 

The requirements for essay writing may change. Nonetheless, if you want to improve your writing skills, check these hacks for writing to increase your chances of being allocated to this financial help. The amount of award is $2,000 annually. The deadline for this scholarship is May 1, 2021.

Fisher Cats Foundation Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to U.S. citizens who have high academic and athletic achievement. The New Hampshire Fisher Cats and the Foundation are thrilled to help various students. The Fisher Cats Foundation awards 12 scholarships per year. Ten awards will be allocated to New Hampshire students. The rest will go to Massachusetts learners. Those who get awarded a scholarship will be invited to a special event where their accomplishments will be highlighted and recognized. 

Every applicant must be closely engaged in athletics. Students willing to get a scholarship must:

  • Fill Out an Application Form
  • Provide a Transcript
  • Write an Essay
  • Attach a FAFSA
  • Add Two Recommendation Letters

The award amount is $2,500 annually. The application deadline is set for May 1.

FIFA Research Scholarship

This program focuses on people who are interested in carrying out football-related research. It is awarded to students, researchers, and scholars, which increases the program’s recognition and value. The scholarship is implemented in the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) on behalf of FIFA. The good thing is the program welcomes students from any country. However, those who get awarded must serve the entire program in the hosting country, which is CIES at Neuchatel University, Switzerland. Before sending your application, double-check it and make sure it is flawless. You can submit only one application in a year. 

University of Liverpool Elite Athlete Scheme

Likewise, the University of Liverpool welcomes worldwide students to apply for the scholarship. The main requirement is to have high academic performance and athletic achievements. The Scheme aims to develop students’ versatility and assistance. Also, the program aspires to help learners blend into the sports community. The University of Liverpool Elite Athlete Scheme covers many services, starting from membership of sports centers and gyms, accommodation and travel aid, and ending with physiotherapy and career support and counseling. Should you have more questions about the eligibility and the Scheme in general, visit the university’s web page.

Boston University Athletic Scholarships

The financial help is awarded every year to spectacular and successful students who enrolled in undergraduate programs at Boston University. Undoubtedly, candidates must showcase remarkable athletic achievement and academic performance and demonstrate robust potential. The National Collegiate Athletic Association regulates the program. The scholarship’s coverage depends on applications. As such, it can cover several hundred dollars to the full tuition fee. Boston University Athletic Scholarships offers financial aid to several sports, including but not limited to football.

University of Kent Sports Scholarship

The program focuses on supporting female and male athletes at the academic institution. Athletes who are allocated with the scholarship are obliged to represent the university at sports competitions. The University of Kent Sports Scholarship is available to undergraduates as well as postgraduates. It covers equipment, physiotherapy, and other sports-related expenditures. Moreover, the scholarship holders have access to the university’s facilities, such as sports gyms, fitness testing, guidance, and programs. 

Walter Byers Scholarship

Established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, it grants one female and male athlete a scholarship. Students must demonstrate excellent academic performance and have infinite potential for graduate study. Although the award amount is unknown, the program usually covers several thousand dollars. Applicants must accomplish a minimum average in their studies, be senior students of an NCAA member educational institution, and aspire to continue their studies. 

BigSun Scholarship

BigSun Athletics provides a program that focuses on helping young athletes develop in sports and advance in academia. The main criterion is applicants must be high school seniors. Also, candidates must compose an essay. The program is not limited to one college. Students from different parts of the U.S. can apply for it, regardless of the college they study and the sports they play. The average award is estimated to be up to one thousand dollars. Visit the website of BigSun to find out more about the scholarship.

Craig M. Epstein Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Craig M. Epstein Memorial Scholarship Fund offers scholarships for graduating students at Longmeadow High School. Candidates must play football or track and field. The committee evaluates the applicants based on academic performance and athletic achievement. The main requirements are:

  • Application Form
  • Official Transcript
  • Student Aid Report

The total amount is $1,000. The due date is March 31.

Coach Wade Pittsford Scholarship

Founded by the Austin Community Foundation, the program honors Wade Pittsford, a football coach for the Bulldogs at Bowie High School in Bowie, Texas. Wade Pittsford tragically died in a car accident. The committee considers applicants’ involvement in football, academic performance and potential, and a positive attitude. The primary requirements are:

  • Application Form
  • Essay
  • Recommendation Letter

The amount of award fluctuates between $500 and $1,000 annually. The scholarship’s deadline is set for April 15.