The Best Bollywood-Inspired Online Casino Games to Play in India and Beyond in 2023


Both offline and Internet casinos provide a wide variety of casino games in various sizes and with a wide range of culturally different themes. Indian Bollywood, Irish Lore, and Ancient Egypt are three of the most well-liked cultural themes for these games.

The Indian film business, sometimes known as the Bombay Film Business, is known by the cheeky moniker Bollywood. In 1896, the first motion picture was produced and shown in India, at Bombay, which is now known as Mumbai. Hindi feature films gained such a following in the 1930s that massive cinema theaters were constructed all throughout India. Hollywood in Los Angeles may have expanded more quickly than Bollywood, but Bollywood has long been the world’s top film producer. Sholay, Dil Chahta Hai, and Mother India are a few well-liked classic movies.

Many casino games pay homage to Indian culture with titles like Indian Ruby and Jewels of India, but Bollywood may be the most well-known theme with titles like Bollywood Story, Bollywood Bonanza, and Bollywood Diva, which are slot games that usually come with lucrative free-spin offers from online casinos presented at the site. People from all over the world are enthralled by Bollywood films and adore the glitzy, vibrant style, but they might not be aware of its origins.

Bollywood films are tightly linked with Indian culture. People all around the world are inspired by the singing, dancing, haircuts, and free-flowing clothing that are a part of this creative movement. The practice of playing betting games with dice and cards as a method of social contact is another significant Indian tradition.

Many of the online casino games were inspired by the gambling games that were made popular in Bollywood films since gambling is also popular among Indians. Here we will analyze some of the top Bollywood-inspired online betting games aside from the above-mentioned slot titles available right now, from Andar Bahar to Speed Cricket Baccarat.

What Are Bollywood-Themed Online Casino Games and Which Ones Stand Out?

Bollywood games are live casino games with an Indian flavor in which not just the games but also the dealers, studio decorations, and sets are all of Indian heritage. Bollywood games are a blast to play if you are Indian or just appreciate the culture.

But the appeal of these Indian-themed games extends beyond just the concept. Bollywood games appeal to a broad range of gamblers due to their simple rules, quick results, and well-implemented game mechanics.

Here are some of our top picks for online Bollywood casino games.

Andar Bahar

Playing the straightforward card game Andar Bahar is a lot of fun. The dealer at the other end of the table first deals one card. Cards are then dealt alternately to either side of the table.

Your goal is to predict whether the side—Andar, the inside, or Bahar, the outside—will receive the first deal of a card with the same value (or face) as the card that was first shown. Additionally, you may wager on how many cards will be dealt before a match occurs on either side.

Additionally, several operators have their very own, low-data, and far simpler-to-play Andar Bahar rendition. This Andar Bahar gives you the option to view the eight cards that were dealt initially in the preceding 49 rounds of the game, which can help you make better betting predictions.

OTT Andar Bahar

The rules of OTT (over-the-table) Andar Bahar are identical to those of the traditional game. But unlike those, this rendition of Andar Bahar is live-streamed from a genuine land-based casino.

The odds and betting possibilities are equal, but if you like a more real-world casino experience, you might prefer the OTT version.

Teen Patti

Indian Poker is another name for the three-card game Teen Patti, which is played against the dealer. The objective of the game is to have a higher total value of cards than the dealer.

The conventional poker rules (high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, etc.) are followed for determining hand strength. Additionally, the game offers two side bets: “pair or better” and “3+3 Bonus”.

32 Cards

The Aces, 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5 removed from a conventional deck of cards are all used in this game’s 32-card deck. The remaining cards are for their face value, but Jack, Queen, and Kings are valued at 11, 12, and 13, respectively.

A card is dealt face down to each of the four betting places on the table throughout the game. You must correctly predict which position will receive the most points overall to win.

Cricket War

You must guess whether the Batsman or Bowler will receive the most valued card in this game with a cricket theme. Two sides of the table are dealt one card each.

King has a value of 13, whereas Ace only has 1 point. The payment is 1:1 (EVS) for the winning batsman or bowler. But you may also wager on a Tie (11:1) or a Suited Tie (50:1) if you want better chances.

Lucky 7

In the Indian card game Lucky 7, which uses eight decks, you must guess whether the following card will be higher, lower, or exactly seven.

The game also has 4 side bets, including Odd/Even and Red/Black, and the odds offered for 7 Up (above 7) or 7 Down (below 7) are 2.00 (EVS).

Namaste Roulette

The game Namaste Roulette has the same rules as European roulette and lets you play in Tamil and Hindi. The board has 36 numerals on it, alternately split into segments of the colors black and red, plus a green zero.

Like all roulette games, the objective of Namaste Roulette is to put wagers depending on where you think the ball will fall.

Speed Cricket Baccarat

In order to create something completely unique, the most popular card game, Baccarat, was combined with cricket, the most popular sport in India. The objective of this game is to draw a hand with a total that is nearer nine than the banker. It is played under the same rules as regular Baccarat.

You may enjoy playing Baccarat while live cricket is aired in the background thanks to a cricket-themed backdrop and athletic-looking male dealers.