BCCI officials believe that Ravi Shastri should continue as Indian cricket team’s coach

Image Courtesy: Cricketaddictor.com

The CoA has invited new applications for the posts of the coaching staff of the Indian cricket team. However, some officials of the BCCI believe that Ravi Shastri should continue as the head coach. According to these officials, Shastri and Kohli have been complementing each other well. So, changing this combination might affect the performance of the team negatively. Also, if a new coach is appointed, the team will have to adapt to new ways of playing and beliefs.

Image Courtesy: Cricketaddictor.com

“A change in coach may prove to disturb the equation that exists which allows the players to have the mental space to excel,” one official said. He also said that if there is a new coach, there will be a change in strategy. Also, the planning will change and this will remain for the next 5 years.

The current coaching staff is on a 45 day extension period, which ends with the West Indies tour. Their original tenure had ended with the World Cup.