Basic tips for beginner cricketers

Cricket betting rules for beginners

Cricket betting rules for beginners

Cricket is a top-notch event featuring the best local or international teams. But how easy is it to understand this sport?

Today we will study the question of the popularity of cricket in the world, why it is in demand and does it make sense to try to bet on this sport for yourself. If you are interested in betting, then the pure win betting app might be helpful for you. 

Popular Cricket Tournaments

Cricket is one of the most famous and popular games around the world. Every player or team has a dream of winning a certain cricket title. In cricket, ODIs, Tests, and T20s are played, but apart from that, players compete in many cricket leagues on which we will bet. So now let’s take a look at the best cricket tournaments in the world right now:

  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy 
  • Ashes Series
  • Champions League Twenty20
  • Indian Premier League
  • NatWest Series
  • Border Gavaskar Trophy
  • Asia Cup
  • Australian Triple Crown Series
  • World T20 Cup

There are hundreds of international matches around the world, as well as domestic cricket tournaments. And it’s impossible to have a detailed knowledge of all of them. So we advise the players to focus on one particular trophy and make it their specialty. Although at first, such cricket betting may seem unprofitable or tedious. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy it.

Cricket countries where it is popular

The popularity of cricket, judging by searches for the term on the internet, is most significant in India. Indians are very passionate about their cricket, and the amount of search traffic is helped by their vast population. The game of cricket spread in countries that were colonized by the British.

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Australia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Nepal
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand

The Regional Popularity of Cricket

A little explanation of cricket:

A pitch is a rectangular-shaped ground a batsman must run over after striking.

  • Batsman – a player reflecting the ball with the bat.
  • Bowler – a player who delivers the ball in cricket.
  • Wickets – wooden structures at the edges of the pitch – destroying wickets will knock batsmen out of the game.
  • Wounds (run) – a run, a successful run of a pitch that brings a point.
  • Innings – one drawing of points in a match.
  • Over – six pitches, followed by a change of bowlers on the field.

Analysis of the nature of the field and weather conditions

In cricket, more than in any other sport, the heart of the area where the game will be played and the weather conditions (not like the weather in soccer) play an important role.

If a weaker team is in better shape than its stronger opponent, usually, the former will prevail on match day. It is valid for all sports, not just cricket, but it’s more pronounced here.

The form of individual players also plays a massive role in cricket. Although it is a team sport, cricket depends significantly on personal contribution. And rarely do you see opponents winning games solely because of the team’s collective efforts.

Each cricket team has 2 or 3 players who have good skills and strongly influence the outcome of the match. Making a bet will help identify these players and analyze their current form, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • These variables change from one match to the next. And there is no way to define a criterion for them or a universal analogy. Because that would take away the romance of cricket; however, knowing the characteristics of the cricket field can help you tremendously. The accompanying weather conditions can be analyzed to draw meaningful conclusions.
  • The cricket field is solid, with no signs of grass on it – it’s safe to say it will be a good day for players with the bat.
  • The sun is shining, and there are no dark clouds nearby – the advantage is increasingly tilting in the batsmen’s favor.
  • There is grass on the pitch and dark clouds overhead – fast bowlers have the advantage as these conditions help them.
  • The cricket field has cracks and signs of wear and tear – slow bowlers, better known as spinners, can step in and fight the players with the bat (bowlers’ advantage).

Understanding the psychological makeup of a cricket team

An essential betting strategy in cricket is to understand the mental makeup and psychology of the cricket team. 

Like other popular sports, cricket also has its philosophy and system. Understanding what drives a team or an individual player can go a long way. You have to draw a conclusion about whether or not that particular team or individual player is resilient. How can they perform under pressure?

The team relies primarily on their defenders to protect their wickets during the game. Also, if the players hold back the runs of the opposing team, then they are better suited for all-day cricket.

A team that relies on its attacking players who focus on runs. Use aggressive tactics and aim to grab as many wickets as possible. Then such a team should feel more comfortable in limited overs or one-day cricket.

Analyzing the form of a particular team or individual

Another vital measure our players should take when formulating a betting strategy is to analyze the form of a specific team or individual player.

Winner of the match

One of the most popular types of cricket betting is win betting. It is where you choose which team you think will win this particular match. You can usually find good odds on the game. If you conduct your cricket prediction correctly, you will make some profit.

Number of Wounds in a Match

It is the total of wounds in a given game of each team.

Over, Team Total Injuries

The total number of wounds scored by a team in overs in a match. For example, if a team scores three runs in the first over of a test match, the bet is one over, 2.5 more with odds 1.4, and 1 over 3.5 less with odds 2.02.

Team x, if the wicket is taken in the over

Here’s a bet on whether the wicket will be taken in particular over.

Total Wicket

Betting on whether teams will take more or fewer wickets than the bookmaker’s specified number.

It is a bet on who will win the match between the two teams. In some cases, it may be called a 1×2 moneyline, and there are also bets on the total.

But this is only because the sport has yet to become as popular here as in Asia. You can also place combo bets and parlay bets. More markets will be added in the live betting, but here are the types of bets you can find in the pre-match:

  • First Ball
  • There will be a super over
  • Total Wounds in Over
  • Who will win the toss
  • Boundry
  • Tie on wounds

Now you know not only about cricket but also about betting on the sport!