Barclays set to sponsor Women’s Super League in multi-million deal


London based investments and finance giant Barclays have reportedly agreed to sponsoring the Women’s Super League in a groundbreaking multi-million deal. The banking company, who previously sponsored the English Premier League, is now set to do the same for the other side of the gender spectrum.

The Football Association hailed the move calling it “the biggest ever investment in UK women’s sport by a brand”, as Barclays became the first ever sponsor for the Women’s league. The UK based banking company signed a record deal that is speculated to be in excess of a whopping £10m, and will run for up to 3 years following the next season when it takes effect.

Like in the previous years when the finance firm did the same for the Premier League, the women’s competition will now be rebranded as the Barclays FA Women’s Super League in honor of the sponsorship. The deal signed promises a £500,000 prize money to the champion, in contrast to how there wasn’t any prize cashpot awarded to the winner.

Kelly Simmons, FA’s director for the women’s games said that the move was a huge step in the direction of development of the women’s game, and that making it more secure for the coming future will be a part of it, BBC Sport report.

“But also the investment in schools makes sure lots of girls get the chance to play football, which is our pipeline for the future,” Simmons added.

Barclays aim to improve the standards of the women’s game, and will head the FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships, a nationwide scheme to help develop girls’ access to football at school.

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