Babar Azam Opens Up on the Advise He Gave To His Team Ahead of The High Voltage Game Against India

Babar Azam

The highly anticipated clash between India and Pakistan in the ICC T20 World Cup is always a nerve-wracking affair. Emotions run high, and fans from both countries eagerly await this intense battle on the cricket field. However, for the players, it’s a different story altogether. Pakistan captain Babar Azam recently shared some valuable advice with his team ahead of the crucial encounter against India.

Babar Azam Highlights The Basics For Pakistan National Team

In a recent episode of the PCB podcast, Babar Azam emphasized the importance of keeping calm and sticking to the basics during the high-profile IND vs PAK match. He acknowledged that an India-Pakistan match is always the most talked-about event, capturing the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

The pressure is immense, and nerves are bound to play a role. But Babar’s message to his team is clear: play easy cricket, believe in your skills, and stay composed.

Babar Azam

“The whole world is focused on the day when the India-Pakistan match is held. Naturally, there will be nerves, but we need to keep our focus, stick to the basics, and play easy cricket. It is always a pressure game; the more you keep cool and calm, believe in your skills and hard work, then things get easier,” Babar Azam said.

As the two cricketing giants prepare to face off on June 9th at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, the historical record favors India.

In the T20 World Cup, India has emerged victorious in six out of the seven encounters against Pakistan. Babar Azam’s team has managed to beat India only once during these clashes.

As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the IND vs PAK clash, Babar Azam’s advice to his team serves as a reminder that staying composed and focusing on the basics can make all the difference in high-pressure matches. Whether Pakistan can turn the tide against India remains to be seen.

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