Axar Patel reveals why India’s bowling coach doesn’t give much input to Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah

Indian cricket fans have long admired the prowess of Jasprit Bumrah, the lethal fast bowler who consistently delivers match-winning performances. But have you ever wondered why the team’s bowling coach, Paras Mhambrey, doesn’t meddle too much with Bumrah’s approach?

Jasprit Bumrah: Once in a generation bolwer

According to Axar, Bumrah possesses a clear understanding of his craft. He knows what works for him and what doesn’t. When things are going well, the bowling coach refrains from bombarding him with excessive input. Instead, Mhambrey encourages Bumrah to trust his instincts and execute his plans confidently.

“I don’t think anyone talks much about Bumrah’s bowling. He has an idea of what to do and what not to do. So I think when it is going so well, I don’t think the bowling coach is giving so much input that there is some confusion in his mind. He just says that you are doing well, whatever thinking you are doing is also going well. So, I think, as much as I have seen, the bowling coach doesn’t interfere much. He says this during planning that whatever your mindset is, it is clear, so just execute your plans,” said Axar.

The last thing anyone wants is a confused Bumrah on the field. Mhambrey recognizes this and ensures that Bumrah’s mindset remains uncluttered. Rather than overwhelming him with instructions, the coach emphasizes consistency and self-belief.

Axar reveals that during planning sessions, Mhambrey reinforces Bumrah’s existing mindset. He acknowledges the pacer’s strengths and encourages him to stick to his game plan. The message is simple: “You’re doing well; keep executing your plans.”

As a fellow bowler, Axar focuses on his own strengths and adapts to the situation. While Bumrah’s heroics inspire confidence, Axar remains grounded, concentrating on what works best for him.

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