Australian Sportsmen Who Are In Love With Older Women


Professional sportsmen commit their life and their time to perfecting their skills in their chosen sport. They might travel around the country to compete, which means they spend very little time at home. Essentially, this means that finding their perfect partner can prove to be challenging but eventually, they settle down with a certain type of lady – the cougar lady!

Why Do Sportsmen Prefer Cougar Women?

As we touched on in the intro, sportsmen are expected to commit to their chosen sport. Their dedication enables them to reach the pinnacle in their field, and that’s the reason why dating proves a challenge. What they’re looking for when searching for love is a certain level of stability. They require a woman who understands their situation and is happy to fit around their lifestyle.

Younger women require more attention. They’ve got needs, expectations and are unhappy to remain at home alone while their man competes. This might seem selfish, but it’s a big commitment for someone young, which is the reason why sportsmen turn their attention to cougars.

Older women have explored life, and they’ve been active in certain ways, but they’re more appreciative of life as older women. Furthermore, they’re not needy or clingy, which means they’re happy to play the role that’s needed of them. While their man chases success, they’re satisfied with waiting at home and maybe even looking after the children. As mature ladies, they understand that life becomes different as you become older. However, sportsmen appreciate their commitment and understanding of their situation, which is why they fall in love with cougar women.

Place Where Cougars Can Meet Sportsmen

Ultimately, sportsmen live their lives around their sport and the season. Some might play through during spring and summer while others might play during the winter; whatever it might be, cougars can only meet sportsmen out of season should they choose to date traditionally, but there’s another choice – online dating.

So, out of season, you might expect to meet sportsmen while on vacation or to relax at local bars, or sit at home and look for a company with online dating. Furthermore, you might also find them at special events, but these options can prove challenging, especially when attempting to connect with them. However, cougar dating sites in Australia are fast becoming popular, and that enables cougars to connect with real sportsmen with ease. This is because online dating platforms provide endless opportunities to date not only convenient but with the person of your chosen traits, making them the easiest way to find mature women. 

Sportsmen might perform during their playing season, but they’re still looking for dates and romance. Therefore, cougars using dating sites might find that sportsmen use the same sites and apps. It provides them with the opportunity to date while they’re recovering from performing or traveling to their next match or event. 

Amazingly, cougars have a simple option where they can connect with real people. You won’t need terrible chat-up lines that fall on deaf ears across a busy bar. You’ll find meaningful, honest conversations online using the leading cougar dating services!

Are There Any Secrets to Impress Famous Sportsmen?

Of course, sportsmen are used to the attention. They’re famous and well known, which means they’ve got women falling at their feet, both should they appear at online dating sites or offline events. A simple smile from you isn’t enough to impress them because they’ve seen it all before, and in some respects, they’ve removed themselves from the reality of dating because of their famous presence. However, there are certain secrets that can help you impress sportsmen.

Play it Cool – Sportsmen are familiar with women falling all over them and clinging onto every word they say. This only pushes sportsmen away because it comes across as desperate. Staying cool and calm can leave them feeling relaxed around you could lead to dating success.

Treat them Normal – They might enjoy the attention, but sportsmen also crave a life of normality. What this means is that you should focus on treating them normally. Forget about their famous lifestyle and explore who they really are.

Show them you care – Sportsmen are seeking someone who is caring and understanding of their situation. You can put their mind at ease by showing them that you completely understand the predicament they’re in

Australian Athletes Who Are Happily Married

Some Australian athletes either date older women or decided to grow old together with a special person. Who are they?

Chris and Rebecca Judd

This pairing could be considered the most famous sporting couple in Australia. They married in 2010 and have four children together, making them a solid couple who are always in the spotlight.

Ben Cutting and Erin Holland

Ben Cutting is a well-known cricketer with a lot to his name, but he also boasts of being with the beautiful Erin Holland, who also happens to be a fan of cricket!

David Warner and Candice Falzon

David Warner is an Australian Opener, and he is married to Candice Falzon, who is an Ironwoman. They now have three children and live on Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Shaun Marsh and Rebecca Marsh

They married in 2015, with Shaun making a name for himself in the world of cricket while Rebecca was reporting on Channel 7. They now have two children together!