Australia urges authorities to make sports inclusive for transgenders


In a monumental development, the Australian government has urged authorities to make sports inclusive for transgenders and gender-diverse people. This is to make sure transgenders don’t face the discrimination in Australia while indulging in sporting activities.

Image Credits: SBS

“Research tells us gender-diverse people, particularly young people, want to engage more in sport and physical activity but often face or fear peer rejection. Let’s ensure sport is a welcoming place that helps. Let sport be an example for broader society, showing how we can positively influence community connections and a better future,” said Sport Australia chief Kate Palmer.

A guideline was prepared by Sport Australia in consultation with the Australian Human Rights Commissioner and the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports to encourage transgenders to engage in sporting activities. Rugby Australia, Cricket Australia, and Tennis Australia are members of the coalition.

This move by the Australian government has received positive reactions from all sections of the media.

“As a non-binary athlete and having worked with numerous sporting clubs and codes over the past few years, I’ve experienced first-hand the many positive outcomes that occur when clubs actively show support for their trans and gender-diverse participants,” said Bowie Stover, LGBTI sports charity Proud 2 Play’s outreach manager.