Athletics: Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra qualifies for World Championships

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has revealed that he will consider participating in the World Championships that is to be held from September 27th after having qualified for the event.

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

There had been doubts surrounding Neeraj’s selection after his performances at the All India Inter-Services Athletics Championships held last September in Jalahalli. But it has now been revealed that the tournament is well within the criteria to be considered for the event and Neeraj Chopra has crossed the qualification mark by exceeding the 83m cutoff (83.9m).

However according to AFI source, a final decision on whether he can participate or not will only be taken later.

“Technically, Neeraj is qualified by virtue of his performance [at the Inter-Services Athletics Championships]. However, final selection rests with the selection committee of the AFI,” the source told PTI.

Neeraj too is prepared to miss the tournament in case the AFI don’t allow him as he had already thought that he didn’t qualify for the event. Now with his qualification known, the athlete might be tempted to change his mind.

“I did not know that I have qualified for World Championships. I was thinking that if I have to participate I have to qualify before September 6. That would have been difficult for me and a risk also to participate in a competition and try to qualify,” he said.

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