Asian Youth Athletics Championships gold medallist commits suicide


In a rather shocking turn of events, Indian international sprinter Palender Chaudhary committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan inside his hostel room at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Delhi. The reason for the suicide is yet to be known.

The athlete was just 18
The athlete was just 18

“I was told he had an argument on phone with his father in the morning yesterday. Later his sister came to talk to him too. Unfortunately, we could not save him despite our best efforts,” an official of Sports Authority of India told ANI.

Palender had represented India in various 100 meters and 200 meters sprint races across the globe. His body was taken to the SJ hospital in Delhi after a failed initial treatment at the medical facility of JNS Stadium.

“He told me he needed money. I assured him that I will give him the money. Don’t know what happened later. I’ve no complaints against the people at the stadium,” said Palender Chaudhary’s father.

Palender Chaudhary had won gold for India in the 2017 Asian Youth Athletics Championships in the medley relay alongside Gurindervir Singh, Manish, and Akshay Nain. His death is not only a huge loss to his family but also the country and the sporting fraternity.