MLA Ashish Shelar wants to ‘join the boxing family’, files nomination for BFI election


Ashish Shelar, an MLA from Mumbai, former president of the Mumbai unit of BJP and the former sports minister of Maharashtra has set his eyes on the top position in the Boxing Federation of India (BFI). On Wednesday, he filed his nomination and is set to contest the head of Spicejet, Ajay Singh.

Ashish Shelar explains his actions


Ashish Shelar, the former president of the Mumbai Cricket Association has decided to ‘join the boxing family’ and has filed nomination for BFI election and he is set to go up against Ajay Singh.

During a recent interview, he explained his decisions and stated that he wants to grow the possibility of earning a gold medal for India at the prestigious sporting event of Olympics.

He said, “I know the value of an Olympic medal and how precious it is for the country. I will be a support system for that. I am looking forward to joining the boxing family and taking this crucial Olympic sport to the next level.”

Shelar claimed that he has the knowledge about the system and being a member of the ruling party, he has the access to the relevant ministries and departments.

He claimed, “I am aware of the system and I can deliver because I am a ruling party leader. I have direct access to all the ministries and departments and that can be very helpful.”

The MLA of Mumbai further stated that he knows about the functioning of member federations and associations. Having achieved success in handling the cricket and football associations in the past, he is confident about his new project.

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He said, “Apart from that, I know how the member federations and associations function and I also know the needs of sportspersons and individuals. I can help them. I have proven (my credentials) successfully in cricket and football associations and I can do it here also.”

Jay Kowli, a secretary-general of BFI considers the involvement of the former Sports Minister of Maharashtra, Shelar to be a ‘huge boost’ for the BFI.

The BFI election is set to take place in Gurgram(Gurgaon) on December 18. It was previously planned to be held back in September but it got delayed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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