Arundhati Reddy makes Triumphant Return to Indian Team, debuts in ODI against SA

Arundhati Reddy

Arundhati Reddy, the talented seam-bowling allrounder, has made a remarkable comeback to international cricket. After her last appearance in 2021, she now dons the Indian jersey once again, ready to shine like the first frost.

Arundhati last played an international game in 2021. Her absence from the international scene left fans wondering when they would witness her prowess again. During this hiatus, Arundhati honed her skills, both physically and mentally. She emerged stronger and calmer, eager to make her mark.

Arundhati Reddy’s impressive comeback

Biju George (former India Women’s fielding coach, currently with DC in the same capacity for both gender verticals) shared his insights on Arundathi’s mental toughness with Sportstar.

“After 2019, I wasn’t involved with the women’s cricket team but in my heart, I hoped I would get an opportunity to coach the girls again. Then, when the WPL came along, I hoped Delhi Capitals would land a team and thankfully they did. I had the privilege of being at the auction table. We went to Aru and Shikha (Pandey) there. Aru has the perfect technique to be a good fast bowler and double up as an all-rounder. Think of what Kapil Dev was for the Indian men’s team,” George said.

“Aru should be walking into the Indian side. We are seeing India’s best seam-bowling all-rounder. She saves us 15 runs on the field, she is capable of holding one end down and hitting the wrong ones with the bat and is feisty with the ball. She never drops any catches and she has been showing how good she can be in all formats over the past 12 months. The painting is too big, you can’t not look at it,” Biju George added.

Reminisiscng Geroge’s words, impressive performances in domestic cricket and the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 caught the selectors’ attention. Arundhati forced her way back into the squad. Her ODI debut arrived, a moment she had worked tirelessly for. The Indian team welcomed her with open arms.

Arundhati’s return is akin to the first frost—a fresh start, a renewed energy. Her seam-bowling skills and all-round abilities add depth to the team. As she steps onto the field, fans anticipate her impact. Her calm demeanour belies the fire within.

Arundhati’s debut in the One Day Internationals (ODIs) is a significant milestone. She replaces India’s lead seamer, Renuka Singh. The Bengaluru crowd witnessed her receiving the ODI cap from Smriti Mandhana. A proud moment for her and Indian cricket.

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