Arm Wrestling star Sachin Goyal says he is on a High Protein diet for Pro Panja League’s ranking tournament


Pro Panja League will be hosting the biggest Arm Wrestling event in Asia from July 22 to July 24 at LNIPE, Gwalior. The event is less than three weeks away and the best Arm Wrestlers in India are set to compete in this tournament. Ahead of the championship, we had the opportunity to chat with the 80 kg PPL runner-up, former 80 kg Pro Panja League X Sheru Classic Champion, and the current 90kg Pro Panja League X Sheru Classic Champion Sachin Goyal.

1.) How excited are you for the upcoming Tournament?

I am really fired up and excited for the Pro Panja League’s ranking tournament.

2.) How is your training going on?

I am working very hard and I am using heavyweight training and also increasing the reps to increase my strength.

3.) Do you have specific diet plans to get into the weight you want to be?

Yeah, I am on a high protein diet. I am eating Boiled chickens, eggs, dry fruits and Milk.

4.) What type of training are you doing?

Apart from the usual heavy lifting, I have also incorporated rope training and heavyweight pulling.

5.) How has your experience been with PPL?

My experience with PPL has been great. Because of PPL, we are now professional Arm Wrestlers and I am sure PPL will become the world’s best league in no time.