Who is Anush Agarwalla? Asian Games Medalist and FIRST-EVER Indian to get an Olympic quota in the Dressage event

Anush Agarwalla
Anush Agarwalla won a historic bronze at Asian Games 2023.

According to an announcement made by EFI (The Equestrian Federation of India) on Monday, Anush Agarwalla has managed to secure a quota at the Paris Olympics 2024. He will participate in the dressage discipline.

Anush Agarwalla
Anush Agarwalla won a historic bronze at Asian Games 2023.

Modern Dressage has transitioned from its martial origins to an esteemed sporting pursuit, being part of the Olympic stage since 1912. The core philosophy, however, remains steadfast: the progressive development of the horse’s physical and mental well-being through meticulous training. In its pinnacle form, the equine athlete executes intricate movements with seemingly effortless grace, responding to the rider’s subtlest cues with athleticism, elegance, and obedience.

Competitive Dressage showcases memorized routines performed within a prescribed arena, judged on criteria such as suppleness, rhythm, and posture. Yet, it transcends mere technical proficiency. The ideal partnership manifests as a harmonious ballet between rider and horse, where trust and mutual respect are paramount.

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Agarwalla, who won a historic individual Bronze medal at Asian Games 2023, received the quota due to his impressive performances in four European events in Wroclaw, Poland, Kronenberg, Netherlands, Frankfurt, Germany, and Mechelen, Belgium. Despite his performances, he will have to undergo a final trial before being allowed to participate in the Olympic Games.

Agarwalla is expectedly excited and glad to have secured an Olympic berth for India. “I am very proud and grateful to have been successful for securing a berth for India at the Paris Olympic Games. Competing in the Olympics has always been a childhood dream for me and I’m proud to be part of this historical moment for the nation,” he says.


As the quota belongs to the national federation and not the individual who secures it, Agarwalla would have to undergo a trial before the federation sends the final name of their choice to the organizers. He remains hopeful of his journey to the artistic capital of the world.

“I will continue doing what I have always been doing: staying focused, being disciplined, working hard, setting goals and achieving them. I am confident that I will be selected to represent India at this prestigious stage,” Agarwalla notes.

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