Anamika defeats Uzbekistan’s Olympic-bound Sabina Bobokulova in a unanimous decision at BRICS Games


In a thrilling boxing match at the BRICS Games, Indian boxer Anamika delivered a masterful performance, leaving the audience in awe. Her opponent, Sabina Bobokulova, an Olympic-bound fighter from Uzbekistan, faced a unanimous decision defeat. Sabina is the same boxer who had beaten Nikhat Zareen in the Strandja Cup finals earlier this year.

Sabina couldn’t withstand Anamika’s punch

Anamika and Sabina stepped into the ring, both determined to prove their mettle. Anamika’s agility and precision were on full display, while Sabina fought valiantly.

After three intense rounds, the judges unanimously declared Anamika the winner. Her strategic moves and relentless energy overwhelmed Sabina.

Sabina, who had her eyes set on the upcoming Olympics, encountered unexpected resistance. Anamika’s victory serves as a reminder that boxing is unpredictable, even for seasoned athletes.

The BRICS Games provide a platform for athletes from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to showcase their talent. Anamika’s triumph adds to India’s boxing legacy.

Anamika’s victory catapults her into the spotlight. As she continues her journey, she carries the hopes of a nation eager for more boxing glory.

In this exhilarating encounter, Anamika bamboozled her opponent, leaving spectators cheering and boxing enthusiasts eagerly awaiting her next bout. The BRICS Games witnessed a moment that will resonate in the annals of sports history.

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