Amit Panghal to train in Shillaru rather than overseas ahead of Paris Olympics

Amit Panghal

Amit Panghal, an Olympic-bound boxer and silver medallist at the World Championships, has made a significant decision regarding his training plans for the upcoming Paris Games in 2024. Instead of preparing overseas, Panghal has chosen to train at the Sports Authority of India’s (SAI) high-altitude training centre in Shillaru, Himachal Pradesh.

Amit Panghal’s preparation ahead of the Paris Olympics

Panghal’s decision is driven by the need to enhance his endurance, an area he has been focusing on. He believes that the high-altitude environment of the Netaji Subhash High Altitude Training Centre in Shillaru will significantly boost his endurance “I am planning for high-altitude training in Shilaroo. If that happens, it will be great for me,” Panghal stated during a press conference.

Another factor influencing Panghal’s decision to train domestically is dietary considerations. He recalls facing difficulties with food availability and dietary constraints during his previous training stint in Italy before the Tokyo Olympics. “I have an issue with the diet outside. I don’t get anything to eat, and my weight is also less. Last time, that was a huge problem,” he explained.

“In India, we have food available and all the partners we need are also available. So, we can easily train here better than outside. We have everything here,” Panghal said.

Panghal’s training plans also include seeking guidance from former Indian men’s boxing coach Blas Iglesias Fernandes of Cuba, who currently works as the High-Performance Coach at the National Centre of Excellence, Rohtak. “He makes you train smartly. I have had a very good experience training with him before qualifiers. Now, I will train with him,” Panghal shared.

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