Amit Panghal chose the Home-Ground Strategy over foreign training for the Paris Olympics


Amit Panghal, the ace Indian boxer and former World Championships silver medallist, has chosen an unconventional path to prepare for the Paris Olympics 2024. Unlike most Olympic-bound athletes who opt for foreign training camps, Panghal has decided to train in India.

Amit Panghal’s Olympic preparations

Panghal’s decision stems from his belief in the advantages of home conditions. He cites issues with food and training abroad as key reasons for his choice. His past experiences, particularly during a pre-Olympics camp in Italy, which led to a below-par performance in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, have reinforced his preference for home training.

The boxer plans to train with heavier-weight boxers in India, as they possess better endurance, speed, and power. He believes that if he can handle them in home conditions, he will be able to handle his opponents in the Olympics.

Panghal also plans to undertake high-altitude training at Shilaru for a few weeks to improve his fitness. This form of training is known to enhance endurance and cardiovascular performance, which are critical for boxing.

His training in India is not without professional guidance. He has been training with his basics coach Anil Dhankhar and Cuban B.I. Fernandes, who works at the National Centre of Excellence, Rohtak. The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) has supported his decision and provided him with sparring partners.

Panghal’s customised training regime has helped him analyse his game and find ways to improve it. For instance, he has successfully reduced the rest period between two rounds of a bout from one minute to 40 seconds. This strategy allows him to recover faster during tournaments.

However, Panghal acknowledges that there are areas he needs to work on. He admits that he takes more time in assessing his opponents and is working on getting a good start.

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