Amidst Doping Controversy, Indian Athletes regain entry to Meeting de Limoges

Indian Athletes

The Meeting de Limoges, a French Athletics meet, has agreed to accept the entries of Indian athletes after initially denying them due to a high number of doping cases in India. This decision came after the intervention of World Athletics.

Three athletes, namely Eldhone Paul, the Commonwealth Games gold medallist in the triple jump, Selva Prabhu, junior world silver medallist in the triple jump, and Jess Sandesh, a high jumper, were expected to participate in the Meeting de Limoges in France in June 2024. The organizers have now agreed to include these athletes in the long list of pre-inscriptions for the Meeting.

What led to the change in decision on permitting Indian Athletes?

The initial decision to deny entry to the Indian athletes sparked controversy as none of the athletes participating in the competition had failed a dope test. The organizers justified their decision by stating that they did not want to take even the slightest risk on this topic in the framework of the meeting.

This controversy arose following the release of the 2022 Testing Figures report by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). According to the report, India registered the highest percentage of failed doping tests among nations that tested more than 2000 samples. The report indicated that India conducted 3865 samples during the period under review, of which 125 returned adverse analytics findings.

The decision by the organizers of the Meeting de Limoges to initially deny entry to the Indian athletes was seen as a reaction to this report. However, the intervention of World Athletics led to a change in this decision.

The organizers of the Meeting de Limoges expressed their wishes to propose a true sporting spectacle and apologized for the misunderstanding that had been generated. They emphasized their desire to promote a “clean” sport.

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