Akash Kumar crowned Champion of Champions in Pro Panja League’s latest event at IHFF Sheru Classic tournament

Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar crowned as Champion of Champion at the Pro Panja League X Sheru Classic Championship (Pic Credit: Nikon)

Pro Panja League and Sheru Classic in partnership with IAF teamed up for the second time to host an Arm Wrestling Championship at the IHFF Sheru Classic event which took place at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

The event was a highly successful one and it was one of the biggest crowd-pullers at the IHFF Expo. The Arm Wrestling bouts took place on 18th and 19th June.

There were Arm Wrestling bouts across ten weight categories (60,70,80,90,100,+100 for men, women’s 55kg, women below & above 65kg, and Specially-Abled category). Over 200 Arm Wrestlers from across India took part in the event. This time, Akash Kumar of Uttar Pradesh was crowned the Champion of Champions. Akash Kumar has won the Gold medal in the 70 kg category and he took on the 100 Kg+ champion Ravinder Singh. Last edition’s COC winner Sachin Goyal won a gold medal in the men’s 90 kg category.

The owner of Pro Panja League Mr. Parvin Dabas told Sports India Show in an exclusive interview that the standard of the sport has risen very much in this tournament and that it was a sign that the tournaments will be even tougher at the upcoming ranking tournament in Gwalior, which is scheduled to take place from 22nd to 24th July.

Akash Kumar crowned as Champion of Champion at the Pro Panja League X Sheru Classic Championship
Akash Kumar crowned as Champion of Champion at the Pro Panja League X Sheru Classic Championship (Pic Credit: Nikon)

We had almost 200 athletes taking part, which has never happened before as they have never had more than 40 to 50 athletes, so it’s a huge jump with the inclusion of Pro Panja League in Sheru Classic.

The standard was really high. I will give an example of an athlete who took part in the tournament, he said he didn’t rank because there were too many people in his division and he wasn’t expecting so many to take part in it. So this is a sign for all athletes that the standard is getting very very high and you guys have to pull up your socks and train really hard if you want to rank in the top 3 or even the top 18 as far as the ranking tournament is concerned.

Pro Panja X Sheru Classic was a big success and I want to congratulate the Champion of Champions, Akash Kumar. I know all the athletes will come back strong and the competition was really hard. So good luck to all the athletes for Gwalior now.” Mr. Dabas told us in an exclusive interview.

Pro Panja League X Sheru Classic Winners:

60 kg Men

Gold: Ashish Mehta (Delhi)
Silver: Sujit Kumar (Madhya Pradesh)
Bronze: Jatish Mahajan (Punjab)

70 kg Men

Gold: Akash Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
Silver: Wasim Ahmed (Delhi)
Bronze: Suraj (Punjab)

80 kg Men

Gold: Abhishek Prakash (Uttar Pradesh)
Silver: Vikram Singh (Punjab)
Bronze: Bhabhani Shankar Das (Odisha)

90 Kg Men

Gold: Sachin Goyal (Madhya Pradesh)
Silver: Harman Mann (Punjab)
Bronze: Siddhant Kathuria (Delhi)

100 kg men

Gold: Shivam Rajput (Punjab)
Silver: Sanjay Deswal (Delhi)
Bronze: Karaj Virk (Haryana)

100 kg+ Men

Gold: Ravinder Singh (Delhi)
Silver: Atar Singh (Haryana)
Bronze: Golap Singh (Haryana)

Specially Abled

Gold: Butta Singh (Punjab)
Silver: Arvind Rajak (Madhya Pradesh)
Bronze: Vir Sen (Uttar Pradesh)

55 Kg Women

Gold: Karishma Kapoor (Delhi)
Silver: Sweta Rajawat (Madhya Pradesh)
Bronze: Savita Kumari (Delhi)

65 Kg Women

Gold: Neetu Verma (Delhi)
Silver: Vaishali (Haryana)
Bronze: KM Surabhi (Uttar Pradesh)

65 Kg+ Champion

Gold: Yogesh Choudhary (Haryana)
Silver: Kirtika (Delhi)
Bronze: Farheen Dehalvi (Madhya Pradesh)

Sheru Classic Champion of Champions

Winner: Akash Kumar