Aakash Chopra Reveals ‘The Main Reason’ Behind Virat Kohli’s Bad Run of Form at The 2024 T20 World Cup-  “He Would Play One Way Only”

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the former India captain and one of the modern greats of cricket, has faced a lean run in the 2024 T20 World Cup. His underwhelming numbers have raised questions about his form and approach. Aakash Chopra, the former India opener and cricket commentator, sheds light on the reasons behind Kohli’s struggles.

According to Chopra, the primary reason for Kohli’s lack of runs is the challenging New York pitch. Batting conditions have been difficult, and Kohli has made up his mind to play in a specific way. Despite being in excellent form during IPL 2024, Kohli’s aggressive approach hasn’t yielded results in the T20 World Cup.

Chopra emphasizes that Kohli is less influenced by external challenges, which can be both an advantage and a limitation. Chopra stated “The main reason for that is the New York pitch. Batting has been difficult on the New York pitch, and he has made up his mind that he will play in one way. It’s said that Virat Kohli is challenged less from outside,”

Great players like Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, and Vivian Richards seek new challenges to motivate themselves. Kohli’s commitment to his approach, even in tough conditions, reflects his mindset. He refuses to alter his game significantly. The lack of runs, rather than a lack of form, was evident in his innings against Afghanistan.

Aakash Chopra on Virat Kohli’s Recent Struggles

In New York, where even 120 runs were hard to come by, Kohli stuck to his aggressive style. Chopra suggests that Kohli should have adapted more conservatively, considering the seamer-friendly conditions. Kohli’s game revolves around mindset rather than technique or conditions.

“The New York pitch was demanding and dictating that you should give yourself time, play cautiously, and do almost Test-like batting because even 120 runs were not being scored. However, he didn’t think like that at all. He said he would play one way only because his game is not about conditions and technique but about the mindset,” he said.

Despite the challenges, Kohli’s impact on the game remains undeniable. His match-winning contributions and fitness standards have transformed an entire generation of cricketers. As India faces Bangladesh in the T20 World Cup, fans hope to see Kohli back in form and playing a substantial knock.

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