AIBA reformed as IBA, promises “new era of boxing” following 2028 Olympics snub


In the wake of the tumulting controversy surrounding the allegations of widespread fixing in Olympic bouts and the International Olympic Committee’s subsequent decision to drop the sport altogether from the 2028 Summer Olympics, the International Boxing Association has pledged to undergo reformation, from its abbreviation changing from AIBA to IBA, to a complete overhaul of itself with an aim to regain its spot in the 2028 Games.

We have nothing to hide: IBA Prez aiming to get boxing back in 2028 Olympics

Along with weightlifting and modern pentathlon, boxing was scrapped off from the initial list of sports for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics by the IOC last week but not from the 2024 list and the decision was taken after the committee showed concern for the fixing allegations. The investigations had revealed that several bouts at the 2016 Rio Olympics were fixed by pressing the referees and judges.

“It has been exactly one year since I was elected. We have set the seed for a stable future. We are ready to reach new heights,” IBA President Umar Kremlev said in a virtual press conference on Monday, “let the new era of boxing begin. We have taken the best from our rich history to create a new International Boxing Association. Old values but new ways of working. All of the recommendations were approved by the congress. We will see new faces when the election is held by June 30, 2022.”

“We have nothing to hide. We need to deal with this and draw up a plan of action which will help lead to our reinstatement at the IOC session in 2023 (when the 2028 program will be decided). We need to continue to improve our administration. We implemented new forms of administration less than 72 hours after the IOC told us about (removal from the 2028 Games). If their guilt is proved they will be banned for life and not even allowed to attend boxing as spectators,” Kremlev added.


  • International Boxing Association president promises complete reformation of itself after the removal of boxing from the 2028 Olympics
  • Investinations revealed that several 2016 Olympics bouts were fixed

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